Rolling a hard 6….

So, I am back and the weekend seems to have passed relatively peacefully. Blogging might be a bit patchy now.

Somewhat in that spirit I enjoyed Nick Clegg’s piece in the Guardian. It reminded me of why I chose to join the Lib Dems. In it he affirms a third way of sorts but it has significantly more substance than that; he rightly distances us from both Labour and the Conservatives.

Criticising Labour’s statism he rightly says that it’s model of social democracy has failed; centred as it is on empowering the central state. I think leftist Labourites; even ones that consider themselves socialists, as one of the responders to Cleggs article does, should have a home in the Lib Dems. I consider the doctrinal ‘spat’ between liberalism and socialism to be of the nature as of between feuding siblings.

As for the Conservatives, he rightly says that it is wrong to seduced by them. Conservatives by nature are fickle friends of progress; if they do have a progressive position its more likely to be as a result of a defence of what is or tempered by a concern to wage what has, at times, been naked class war against entire communities without providing them with the support necessary to adapt to changes.

He rightly says that our party is the best home for progressives but in my view it is important for our party and activists to work cross-party especially around a hub like Liberal Conspiracy. I was struck by one responder which said that;

“For those on the centre/left this is probably the most depressing time in British politics in my lifetime.”

They are probably right and I dont think anybody should be under any illusions about that; nobody should doubt that this is a bitter fight for progressive politics.


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