Conservative MP’s – We will expel new Speaker if we win election

Following on from what I waspeakermms saying yesterday I was interested in this story in the Evening Standard . It reports that Conservtive MP’s will try to oust the new Speaker after the next election;

“A group of Conservative MPs warned that they will not accept either Margaret Beckett or John Bercow as permanent Speaker, saying both would owe their success to Labour votes.

It comes after anger at the involvement of Labour whips championing Mrs Beckett in an election that is meant to be kept free of party politics and driven by cross-party agreement on what is good for Parliament.”

To my mind this rather emphasises the point that the problem with the current system is not so much any given individual that holds the post as much as it is the whole conception and election of the role. It is virtually impossible to expect somebody who is ‘of the system’ to be able to instigate the wide-scale reform needed.

‘Opening the field’ would perhaps restore some authority and trust to the position. How wide it should be opened is a matter of debate but I feel it would defiantly augment public faith if the Speaker was seen as much as a custodian of public interest as of that of backbench MP’s.


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