Are politicians holidays too long?

bucket and spadeGuido definitely thinks so; however, allowing for the normal ‘Guido being Guido’ ie, a tad sensationalist and Sun-like most people would think he would have a point. However, there is the counter veiling point that especially for MP’s with families this length of holiday is approaching essential and then of course there is constituency work.

Sadly, Guido does come from the culture that doesn’t recognise MP’s as being anything approaching human beings at all. Hence his comments here; which border on the nonsensical when he suggests that the country will grind to a halt if MP’s are not at their desks. Political junkies will also rue the length of the break which does seem slightly indecent.

Nick Clegg did not so long ago propose seriously ‘barring the gates’ which would be acceptable because it was for a specific reason and not a result of some popularist tub-thumping. Like everything though the problem is that MP’s determine their own holiday essentially and that is the freedom most people do not have in their jobs and what people so bitterly resent.

I do however, think that MP’sdeserve holiday and private time just like the rest of us; so what I would actually propose is a standard of four weeks with the rest of time pre-conference earmarked for compulsory constituency time which is kind-of-a-holiday because they would no longer have to travel. Surely, not even Guido could object to that….


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2 responses to “Are politicians holidays too long?”

  1. Letters From A Tory says :

    Because Parliament is so powerless, MPs normally finish work around lunchtime on Thursday and there is no way of forcing them to do anything useful on Friday. They have an enormous summer break during which we have no way of knowing whether they do anything useful either.

    Long holidays are one thing, long holidays during which time constituents never see them and no meaningful work is done is quite another.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    As I understand it Friday is usually a constituency day for MPs though you are right in that they are not explicitly *forced* to make it so. I agree that long holidays of that nature would be bad but I think its unfair to assume that would be the case automatically and also they are entitled to some time during which they are away from it all.


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