Labour’s crisis runs out of steam…

On the face of it; after Norwich North and everything that has happened this would seem an odd headline. ‘Senior Labour MP’s blast Brown’ opines the BBC but in reality the people mentioned are established critics of Brown are well established in the role so their view is hardly shocking news. This is not to say it hasn’t got a truth to it but what struck me about the story was how the media narrative of ‘Labour crisis’ has essentially run out of steam.

In reality, Norwich North showed what we already knew that Labour’s vote is so disenchanted it wont vote; sections of it have drifted to the Conservatives or other protest parties (notably not us though). However, David Cameron is not in Tony Blair’s position of causing widespread enthusiasm and depending on how events pan out this could become a problem.

On Labour List Alex Smith compares Norwich North to Wirral South however such a comparison is as gloomy for Cameron’s Conservatives as it is Labour in many ways. Turnout in Wirral was 71% compared to 45% in Norwich North and the Labour victor added 5,000 votes to the 1992 total to win the seat. This time around Chole Smith was triumphant but lost some 2,000 votes. This proves the point that Cameron is hardly riding to 10 Downing Street on a tide of popular enthusiasm.

So, we have this; a government that is moribund if not exactly falling in around our ears and an opposition that is hardly being welcomed into government with open arms; yet our vote also declined. Food for thought I think….


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