The state of the Lib Dem blogsphere; The LDV meme…

Stephen Tall asks for responses for this so here is my attempt:-ldv

What are the greatest successes of the Liberal Democrat blogsphere?

I think here I would have to answer that the greatest success is the way it opens debate within our party. As is pointed out in the comments on Stephen’s initial piece the Liberal Democrat blogsphere is one of the most substantive and it is richly diverse in the viewpoints it represents; giving a voice to both the likes of the Social Liberal Forum and Liberal Vision.

What are we as bloggers, collectively failing to achieve?

The same impact on the mainstream media as especially Conservative but also Labour bloggers. One might plausibly say this is due to the existing slant within the MSM towards the ‘big two’ which already exists and I think this is a valid point but it could be conversely argued that neither do we redress that balance.

How does the Liberal Democrat blogsphere compare with those of the Labour and Conservatives and other parties?

Favourably I feel though of course I am bound to say that; I find the Labour blogsphere suspiciously anodyne which probably reflects its current sterility but I find it uniformly seems to me to be dominated by one strand within the party, ie, the left with rare exceptions like Luke Akehurst putting a more New Labourish line. Conservative bloggers tend to tilt outwards more I find and they seem to be loving the fact that alot of them are incorporated within the MSM. In some respects this is a strength in that they impact upon the news agenda more but in others it is obviously a minus. I tend to find as well that the Conservative blogsphere is less focused upon debates within that Party but more outward focusing in a ‘bash the government’ way.

How helpful is blogging as a campaigning tool?

Pass. As Mark Pack says in comments I think there is a division in the kind of blogs and this would be a blog I would class as being more a commentary than campaigning blog but this is something I hopefully will be able to comment more upon in the future.

What do you think the next year holds in store for Lib Dem blogs?

Alotof opportunity I would say; especially as the momentum gathers towards election time. Also, it is possible that a Conservative government and a tierd Labour Party that has been hammered into opposition may spike interest in Lib Dem blogs.


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