When education becomes a business…

Conservative Home has this frankly frightful article that basically is criticising the Conservative line for not wanting to involve ‘profit-making business’ in it’s desperate dash to force schools to opt-out of everything and be run as going concerns of not the local community but of whichever organisation takes an interest. Including, as the Sunday Times reports, possibly for profit.

So, let me get this straight; the state gives a business £6,000 pupil premium to run a school so they can profit out of a children’s education? Anybody totally nauseatedyet? Have the Conservatives learned anything from the disastrous privitisations of things like the rail network? The answer based on this evidence has to be obviously not; obviously the basic incompatibility between the private market place profit motive and provision of an essential; monopoly in some ways, service has been failed to be grasped.

Parent’s who think this is a good idea might want to consider the basic inequity of paying a company through taxes to come in and run a school and make profit from it. It’s a bit like you paying the company that makes your car and them still selling it too you at a handsomely inflated rate. Hardly sounds fair does it? The point about the failure of the Academy system also bears repeating at this point.

Anybody who wants to jump-up and down and say Sweden!! Sweden!! right now has to bear in mind I am old enough to remember the way rail privatisation was sold with attendant glowing reports of the Japanese rail system and look how that one turned out. I love the totally ideologically myopic view of the Conservatives that business does things so much better; it simply doesn’t stand-up to factual examination.


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