Calamity Cameron…

It has not been the greatest day for the leader of the opposition; he admitted that the electorate still needed alot of convincing to elect a Conservative government, slipped-up saying the British public was ‘pissed-off’ and vowed never to make a t*** out of himself by Tweeting. Irony is truly a wonderful thing especially in the last example where the mealy mouthed Cameron ended-up hoisting himself by his own petard.

John Prescott makes a compelling case for Cameron to drop his Twitter aversion; maybe Gordon Brown will consider Lord Mandelson’s earlier prodding to take his opposite number on TV screens after today. I found it a little odd for Cameron to say something like that given how in other areas his Conservatives make much play of their new media involvement. It all makes you wonder if Cameron will stand-up to the media scrutiny that will doubtless get more intense as the election looms ever closer in the way Blair did. Labour would be ill-advised to try the ‘Demon Eyes’ trick and to try and play the man in such a way but I can’t imagine the ‘Bullingdon Bullies’ exploits being looked upon kindly in either Labour heartlands or more respectable but not quite super rich middle class suburbia’s.

The first bad news item is hardly news at all; we already know that far from welcoming Cameron and his Crew with open arms the electorate is kind-of grudgingly accepting them through gritted teeth. David Cameron is no Tony Blair and he is not doing anybody; least of all his Party, any favours by trying to act like he is or could be. Whatever you thought of Blair’s politics he had that annoying knack of convincing people he was on their side, a gift Cameron simply doesn’t have nor should he pretend he does.

It is this lack of charisma-backed powerbase that could lead him into trouble when the Conservatives, returned to power, demand the sought of things people like Simon Heffer did in The Daily Telegraph.  In the long-run, Twitter or no Twitter, Cameron could still end-up looking a bit of a t***.


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