Will Cameron cool the ‘special relationship’?

I thought this was an interesting near-midnight question to knock around. Much earlier we had the intimation if not explicit comment that may/may not of happened when Barack Obama called Cameron a ‘lightweight’. Labour List brings us this story:

Respected US diplomat and foreign policy expert, David Rothkopf, has described David Cameron as, “someone about whom the Obama administration ought to be very cautious.”

“In an excoriating article published for Foreign Policy’s website, Rothkopf – Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade under President Clinton’s administration – said:

“I used to think David Cameron was just an empty suit. But it is increasingly clear that the former PR guy, is a spin-ster who ought to be ditched at the altar both by the British people and by the Obama administration.”

Cameron earlier in the day, in the light of the Gary McKinnon verdict also said that the Extradition Act should be reviewed. Meanwhile, Mike Smithson reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign ‘ guru’, Mark Penn thinks Brown can still turn things around. Talk about the kiss of death given how successful Penn was in getting his chosen candidate into the White House. However, relations between the two administrations seem to be warm if not a little more business like than the one between Bush and Blair.

Although no doubt things will be cheesy grins in public it may be less so in private. I have to say I don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing and would welcome a British government being more assertive in it’s dealings with American ones; however, I think it is still an interesting question to speculate on.


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