Yorks and Humber Conservative MEP blasts Cameron

kaminskiDavid Cameron’s European difficulties have, mercifully for him, rather been buried by the poorly state of the government. Had Cameron’s Conservatives been in power I can’t help but feel things would have been rather different and they would have received more media attention. However, they aren’t and broadly speaking the Conservatives have got away with this one; although occasionally people like Edward McMillan surface like he has in the Yorkshire Post to remind us of Dave’s continental difficulties.

McMillan explains why he stood against the nominee of the ‘Conservatives and Reformists’ group for Vice President of the EU:

“Although Kaminski was nominated by the new Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) created by David Cameron, I decided to take the issue head on, even at the discomfiture of my own party. I did this at great personal and political risk – I could have lost everything and have now lost the whip – but I did it on principle.

It was not my principle – it was a higher one. To oppose a menacing political movement at a key moment in Europe’s politics.”

He goes on:

“It has now been disclosed, as Kaminski should have done to the Conservative Party when nominated for Vice-President, that he has had fascist links – he was a member of Poland’s notorious fascist National Revival (NOP) – and he tried, as its MP, to cover up one of the worst anti-Jewish atrocities in wartime Europe. “

McMillan rather charitably assumes Cameron has been ‘duped’. However, that assumption reminds me of how often people will believe that they want too rather than what is staring them in the face. No doubt in this decision though Cameron would have the backing of the rather zealtroy new potential intake of Conservative MP’s and it is people like McMillan who will find themselves marginalised in Europe and increasingly in the wider Conservative Party.


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