Conservative discipline collapses over NHS….

Speaking personally, I can’t wait to see the next but one series of polls to see whether the weeks shenanigans have effected their poll ratings. Gordon Brown must be able to scarcely believe his luck; following Norwich North it looked like the Labour Party was going to spend the next year dragging out it’s slow and painful death but suddenly they are tweeting, doing the media rounds with some vim,vigour and fight. David Cameron is finding his party looking uncomfortably out of step with public opinion on a major issue and his internal party discipline seems to be collapsing.

The Independent reports a second Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer has broken ranks and spoken in support of Daniel Hannan’s comments:

“Roger Helmer, said that Mr Hannan had done the party “a service” by raising the matter of NHS reform.”

In the meantime Hannan is facing the possibility of disciplinary sanction according to Politics Home. A Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Swansea, Rene Kinzett, said the following on Twitter before trying to convince me that Hannan was a ‘little known MEP’:

Hannan been getting away with spouting the most appalling back-of-a-fag-packet hackneyed philosophy on Fox since April. Action needed soonerabout 1 hour ago from web

Incidentally, Iain Dale tried this line on Radio 5 Live; insisting that the story was only getting attention because it was August and recess. How desperate can you get?

It’s possible this is a blip but then again it does come off the back of polls showing slight (but not spectacular) rises in Labour poll ratings.  Worryingly for the Conservatives the traditional Conservative-supporting newspaper; the Daily Mail has broken ranks to publish a story and comments supportive of the NHS. Meanwhile, another true-blue publication; the Daily Telegraph publishes details of ‘senior Tories links to anti-NHS Republicans’:

“George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, and Michael Gove, shadow children’s secretary, are all on the advisory council of Atlantic Bridge, a conservative, transatlantic organisation aimed at promoting the “special relationship” between Britain and the United States.”

The council includes several leading critics of Barack Obama’s healthcare proposals which will damage Cameron’s claim that the NHS critics are ‘eccentrics’. This is a real test of how resiliant the Conservatives poll lead is….


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    2 responses to “Conservative discipline collapses over NHS….”

    1. StevenAdams says :

      I’ve never read so much desperate rubbish! One MEP thinks the NHS is bloated and inefficient and Labour luvvies in the media and blogging world start frothing at the mouth.

      How desperate must you be to see that the only people you can cite are Republicans and a pair of right-wing MEPs – neither of which have an ounce of influence over Tory health policy.

      The whole thing smacks of desperation. Cameron’s clearly committed to the NHS and Labour want succour from any tidbit they can find. The biggest crime here us the BBCs insistence that this is news.


    2. darrellgoodliffe says :


      Actually it was two MEP’s at the last count. I am not a Labour ‘luvvie’ as you so crudely put it and its also your own papers joining in the attacks so I think that is a wild generalisation.

      I cite the Daily Telegraph which is a Conservative supporting paper publishing a story rubbishing your party which shows how wrong you are on this.

      Errrr it’s not just the BBC…how blinkered are you?


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