The crazy, crazy world of Fox TV…

The Herald in Scotland has this story;

The latest development came on Fox News, a right-wing channel, which discussed whether the acceptance of foreign doctors and nurses into the NHS was a gateway for Muslim terrorists.

It referred to the Glasgow Airport bomb plot and pointed out how eight suspects were either NHS doctors or medical staff.

As images of the burning airport were shown on screen, columnist Jerry Bower noted how half of NHS medical staff came from abroad and that there was a “real vulnerability” for state-run bureaucracies, where it was “easy to hide” in the system.

“A state-run healthcare enterprise is bureaucratic. The terrorists have shown over and over again whether it’s dealing with INS (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) or airport security, they are very good at … figuring out how to get round state bureaucracies.”

This gives you a insight into the kind-of paranoid delusions that American conservatives are trying to peddle as they desperately try and fend-off Barack Obama’s healthcare proposals. People criticise the ’emotionalism’ of tweeting #welovetheNHS but seem to have little problem with the American right playing the politics of fear like they do above. It also seems to be their main preoccupation as conservative bloggers seek to flood the internet with this kind of what, frankly can only be called, drivel.  Politicosphere found in late July that;

“Health care reform has kept the conservative blogosphere extremely busy, accounting for 41.4% of content published in the conservative blogosphere over the past 2 weeks, with an average of 9 posts per conservative blog (vs. 6 on the progressive side).”

Poltical principles aside; those who say that the end of universal healthcare would reduce the cost the state should perhaps take a look at The Economist;

“America’s health care is the costliest in the world, yet quality is patchy and millions are uninsured.”

So much the deluded utopia of the likes of Dan Hannan which sees the market delivering cheaper more effective healthcare…


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