BNP festival maybe on the move…

Apparently, the BNP is considering moving it’s annual ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival. You can’t help but wonder how much truth there is in the Deputy Leader, Simon Darby’s claim that ‘several’ sites want the annual festival and not just its attendant anti-fascist protesters. Maybe they do bring coin into the local economy but it can hardly be pleasant for local residents who the BBC report had to leave Denby under police escort in some instances. You can’t also help but wonders if the protesters are not, as is usually the case with these things, pursuing somewhat counter-productive tactics.

Whether they make any political impact is dubious, they turn people against the BNP on the basis of wanting peace and quiet as shown by this piece in the Derby Telegraph:

Brian Bentley, of Codnor-Denby Lane, said he never wanted Red, White and Blue to return.

He said: “The police did a very good job and we didn’t have trouble like we did last year.

“But this is a quiet village. Nothing happens here. If the BNP didn’t come there would be no protesters and we could be left in peace.”

Last year activists destroyed property, fought hand-to-hand with riot police and pelted them with stones at the junction of Breach Road and Heanor Road.

Much better is exposure, confrontation and political undermining with practical policies to address those concerns of those tempted to vote BNP through a toxic mix of alienation and anger. The desperation to create a veneer of respectability creeps though in phrases like this from The Guradian that RW&B was:

“designed to create a “family” atmosphere”

Presumably, this is meant to accommodate all those brought into the BNP by the process detailed in The Times. When it come down to it, the frontine battle against the BNP is not in a idyllic corner of Derbyshire but in the council wards and constituencies where they are trying to establish a foothold; for all the protests it is here that the battle wil be won and lost.


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