British troops sacrifice their lives for nothing; Clegg is silent…

The New York Times has this rather damming indictment of the Afghan Presidential elections;

“KABUL, Afghanistan — Reports of fraud and intimidation in Afghanistan’s presidential election continued to mount Saturday, with anecdotal but widespread accounts of ballot-box stuffing, a lack of impartiality among election workers and voters casting ballots for others.

A particular concern was the notably low turnout of women, who election observer organizations said were disproportionately affected by the violence and intimidation.”

‘Other factors’ were also blamed for the low turnout amoung women. This lack of enthusiasm is hardly surprising for what is a farcical caricature of democracy which is epitomised by the Karzai government passing a law which permits;

“Shia men to deny their wives food and sustenance if they refuse to obey their husbands’ sexual demands”.

I think our attitude to Afghanistan; which is for Nick Clegg to avoid rocking the boat of the cosy consensus supporting our intervention, is pure unadulterated opportunism. How, given the above, anybody can maintain any kind of moral conviction in the benefits of ‘liberal interventionism’ is totally beyond me. Any reasonably objective examination of the Karzai government would not find it rating much more highly than it’s Taliban opponents by many criteria. Given the likelihood that Karzai’s opponent is implicated in the antics outlined in the NYT report it also seems highly unlikely that he will any better.

All-in-all you are left with a situation in which interventionism has clearly failed; in which an increasing number of British troops are, to be brutal and blunt, giving their lives for a government of no merit and which is not improving the situation for native Afghani’s nor delivering a palpable security gain for Britain. Their sacrifice is for nothing and that is what should be angering people alot more than the number of helicopters that are or are not operational.

Meanwhile, none of Britain’s three main political parties have a word to say on this and spend alot of time arguing about resource management but say nothing about the wonky moral and political compass which guides us in Afghanistan. This is most shameful for us; supposedly a party that is supposedly ‘breaking the mould’ imposed by the ‘big two’.


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