Conservatives “will scrap hunting ban”

The Daily Telegraph reports;

“The controversial scheme will include the creation of a Hunt Regulatory Authority (HRA) to police the behaviour of hunts and was drawn up by senior lawyers along with the Countryside Alliance.

The plans have the backing of influential Tories including William Hague and Edward Garnier, the shadow justice minister and could lead to the reintroduction of hunting with dogs across the British countryside.”

It is highly tempting to look at things like this and the proposals to reduce inheritance tax as the Conservatives pandering to their core demographic. Tempting because that is how things actually are; this is something of a thorny issue for liberals because it is one of those classic conflicts between individual liberty and wider social concerns and the feeling amoung a majority that fox hunting is wrong. The scientific ‘culling’ argument in favour of hunting is shaky and the League Against Cruel Sports has produced some rebuttals here; this leaves the ‘should be free to enjoy a pasttime’ argument.

Let’s be clear this is not in the same league as smoking or drinking because while harm can come to other sentient beings as a result of those activities this is not the actual starting intent and is dependent on the behaviour of the individual indulging in those activities. However, hunting starts with the explicit aim of harming another being that we know can feel pain and distress for nothing other than enjoyment; it is not even for food or sustenance which if it is performed effectively, giving the livestock a quality of life as well it is also not the same as a hunt.

Given that this is why I think it is still possible to oppose hunting on liberal grounds and not feel too conflicted. I have no doubt the above story is accurate and that the Conservatives will re-introduce hunting but no amount of regulatory authority will make that the right thing to do and it will, rightly, be seen as ‘Typical Tories’….


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15 responses to “Conservatives “will scrap hunting ban””

  1. Bob says :

    Let the bans begin.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Errr no, this one is already in place so no additional ones required 😉


  3. Foregone Conclusion says :

    What’s depressing is that we now know what the Tories are going to do about the hunting ban, but still haven’t got a clue what areas of public spending they will cut – and I doubt it’ll be much clearer by election day.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well I do think in the interests of a proper debate which they claim to want they should make this clear as you suggest they should. I think moves like this and around inheritance tax are a nudge and a wink to the core vote to say ‘we haven’t changed really’….


  5. Julian H says :

    I believe hunting is allowed – many different kinds – but it is only fox hunting, of a particular variety, that is technically (yet unenforceably) banned.


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well I think there is a legitimate debate about any kind of hunting being allowed for the reasons I outline above. Obviously, a ban should be properly enforced too.



  7. Ken W says :

    Trouble is, many young voters today do not remember Thatcher and the damage she did. That’s why I believe the tories will get in, and re-introducing fox hunting will pale into insignificance compared to the damage they will do to us mortals!
    Vote conservative at your peril, and you will have bigger things to then worry about than fox hunting.
    Sucking up to hooray henries may get them enough votes, but in a couple of years’ time remember reading this posting AND DON”T COMPLAIN!
    You have been warned.



  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Agreed that many dont; I can barely remember to be honest, though I know more by repute than direct experience as was young in 80s. Agreed that the damage done will be more than this; I agree fox hunting isnt the most significant issue in the world but its still one that needs to be addressed. It also shows a certain bias in whose interests the Conservative Party wants to represent so its a valid one to raise.


  9. Elizabeth says :

    It should go the same way as bear-baiting and other forms of bloodsports.I will not support a party who promotes fox hunting.


  10. laurencegoffIndependentVoiceforNewark says :

    Laurence Goff My Personal Protest To The South Notts Hunt Visiting Newark-On-Trent 1st January Each Year for the 4th year.
    Newark Town Hall is nice and Quite for the moment until the South Notts Hunt arrive.

    THE South Notts Hunt will gather in Newark town hall & Market Place with their horses and hounds at around 11.20am on the 1st January 2010.

    My peaceful protest against to South Notts Hunt Newark Town Councillor Laurence Goff will be their at 11:20am.
    I will be out once again 1st January 2010, I am personally against
    foxhounds, bloodhounds and drag hunts at Horse & Hound arriving in Newark-On-Trent.

    Posted on Face book group
    Laurence Goff My Personal Protest To South Notts Hunt in Newark-On-Trent


  11. laurencegoffIndependentVoiceforNewark says :

    Laurence Goff Newark town councillor will once again be out with his Personal Peaceful Protest to South Notts Hunt Visiting Newark-On-Trent, Monday 3rd January 2011 11:00am Newark market place around the outside of town hall.
    Showing the scale of public opposition to hunting is vital if we’re to prevent the return of this barbaric sport.



  12. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Good to see you are still fighting hard there Laurence! 🙂


  13. laurencegoffIndependentVoiceforNewark says :

    Many thanks for your kind words

    Laurence Goff


  14. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Your very welcome :), Good luck!


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