Mandelson’s shared moments of madness….

So, Peter Mandelson is back at the heart of government and back in the press firing line; which in itself is a comment on his centrality to the Labour machine. Of course, he does somewhat leave himself open to these attacks but nonetheless he should be flattered in a way. However, his list of proposals is clearly barking to say the least and nobody will be pleased accept the fledgling Pirate Party which The Telegraph reports is seeing it’s membership leap by ‘thousands’.

Internet Service Providers are less than likely to be pleased at the prospect of cutting off a large chunk of their custom and I doubt people will be scared by a warning letter. Given the prevalence of file-sharing it would be quicker to write a letter to those that don’t; quicker and considerably cheaper. As Britain strains under the weight of it’s growing debt mountain I find the prospect of billions being spent to appease Mandelson’s Cofu buddies rather horrific to say the least.

Tom Watson, who might be forgiven for feeling slightly jaded at missing the Corfu junket, is surely right when hesays;

“Clearly people like downloading from the internet, but if 6-9m people feel they need to do it illegally, something is not working. What we need to do is use a carrot not a stick.”

Internet Service Providers agree;

“UK ISP Talk Talk said the recommendations were likely to “breach fundamental rights” and would not work.

Virgin said that “persuasion not coercion” was key in the fight to crack down on the estimated six million file-sharers in the UK.”

Nobody took them to Corfu either; but you never know maybe we will be lucky enough to get our spokespeople invited if we continue along the lines of the abject lameness of Don Foster’s comments. Apparently Mandelson’s moves are;

“reckless and dangerous”.

“There are many families whose children, unbeknown to them, might be illegally downloading but now their own access could be put in jeopardy by Lord Mandleson’s proposals.”

It’s wrong because Mr and Mrs Bloggs (who can vote) might get disconnected because of their children’s (who can’t vote) nasty file-sharing antics. So, it’s not fundamentally wrong on any other grounds then? Why is it left to the head of Talk Talk to raise the question of ‘fundamental rights’?


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