Why is the BNP hiding it’s donations?

The Times carries this story;

“The BNP has not declared a single donation, despite claiming at the time of the European elections to have a vast war chest.

In the elections in June, the far-right party achieved its best result, gaining two seats in the European Parliament after a aggressive leafleting around the country. In May Nick Griffin, the party leader, told The Times that he had amassed £500,000. However, the party told the Electoral Commission that it did not receive any single donations of more than £5,000 between April and July.”

Of course, the obvious question becomes how can this be the case? Also, it is worth noting that the BNP wishes to be treated like any other political party but continually refuses to submit to the other normative procedures that other political parties have to adhere too. It is currently facing legal action as it’s membership is limited to those described as ‘indigenous Caucasian’. Having said all that; the BNP has shown itself to be remarkably adept at evading legal attempts to limit it and while there is nothing wrong with the action being brought, it is indeed obscene that any party which wishes to be considered legitimate should limit membership that way, it should not be a substitute for political struggle.

It is a little depressing to see the comments attributed to Searchlight in the same Times article which alibi’s rather than seeks to questions the BNP’s lack of declaration;

“Searchlight, the organisation that campaigns against the BNP, claimed that the party had exaggerated its resources and was “essentially running a paper campaign”.”

This is surely a little wrong when the BNP have been known to produce colour tabloids in targeted council wards; successfully got two MEP’s elected and still has the support of elected councillors who surely donate some of their salary to the party. Rather than saying the BNP is essentially right, Searchlight should be doing as the Times did and question the premise of this non-declaration.  It would be totally wrong to underestimate the BNP’s financial clout and any campaign against them will have to match them in that area as in others.


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