Middleton Park Liberal Democrat Candidate Selected

Darrell Goodliffe was last night selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate to contest the Middleton Park council ward in the upcoming 2010 elections to Leeds City Council.

He was delighted with the result;

“I look forward to meeting the people of Middleton and talking to them about their concerns. I am under no illusions it will be a hard campaign but Middleton’s sitting Labour councillors have not done enough to protect the local community from the effects of the recession. Labour has let the people of Middleton down on a local and national level and it is time for a change.

The BNP has polled well in Middleton in the past but their policies provide no credible alternative to Labour and provide people with no hope that things will be better for them.”

Yes, I too find it odd talking about myself in the third-person. I have put this here because I have nowhere else to put it; that is until I launch a new campaigning blog which will be very soon. Will post updates here (fairly) frequently too.


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3 responses to “Middleton Park Liberal Democrat Candidate Selected”

  1. peter johnson says :

    haha the guy changes his views more often than his socks!


    • mommsen says :

      @ peter johnson

      haha – you had to read all blog posts again and you even had to go back to the month of september to find at least this one

      obviously the guy hasn’t changed his views so often


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks. Peter obviously hasnt followed the blog and how my views have changed. Also not sure how he can claim intimate knowledge of how often I change my socks 🙂


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