Why are we not standing against Bercow?

I have to confess my first reaction was that we were right not to follow Nigel Farage’s lead and challenge John Bercow. However, a snippet of Farage on BBC News turned my stomach and changed my mind; we should defy the convention and stand against Bercow and indeed Farage who is anything but the ‘reform’ candidate when it comes to expenses.

Mark Littlewood seems to edge towards the same conclusion as me but for different reasons. First reason is simple; why shouldn’t we since Clegg was prepared to defy convention and call for Michael Martin’s resignation? Second is more focused around Farage and Bercow; pressed about his expenses and the vast amounts he has claimed, Farage looked far from convincing against a BBC interviewer. How this man can call himself a credible candidate for change and then claim £2 million in expenses himself is beyond me. Especially, as Caroline Lucas famously pointed out on Question Time, Farage doesn’t even actually do the job he is elected to do because he doesn’t believe in the European Union.

Therefore letting this man have a free run at Bercow would be wrong in my eyes. Costigan Quist has a post rightly saying that Farage is ‘milking the system’. Furthermore, as Mark points out;

“From what I can discern of UKIP’s platform, they are not – to put it mildly – enthusiasts for domestic constitutional reform.”

I rather suspect Farage has, behind the scenes, be given a nod and a wink by some Conservatives who have made it plain they would love to see the back of Bercow. Buckingham maybe ‘true blue’ but that is by no means a guarantee of safety for Bercow.  However, this is not our concern; what is concerning is a long trail of times where we have failed to articulate our own independent politics and collapse into supporting whatever looks like a more attractive protest option; right now I am thinking of the David Davis affair and also Doncaster where we folded into supporting an Independent in a lame bid to stop the English Democrats. No credible justification exists for us not taking the plunge and standing against Bercow…


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4 responses to “Why are we not standing against Bercow?”

  1. Ian B says :

    Farage doesn’t even actually do the job he is elected to do because he doesn’t believe in the European Union.

    You presumably think Scottish Nationalist and Welsh Nationalist MPs have no right to be in Westminster, then?

    Representatives are there to represent the views of their electors, not to slavishly support the system. Especially when that system is a corrupt oligarchy justified by deceit. The EU is the only government in world history that has refused to even admit that it is one.


  2. 16sd says :

    How much of a chance do you think the Liberal Democrats would have had running against Bercow?

    My website: samsondada.com/articles


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Ian B,

    They still perform their roles as constituency MP’s to the best of my knowledge so the answer to that question is no. Farage on the other hand does nothing in Europe. I have no problem with the EU being a government; I say let it be more of one and let European integration proceed apace.


    I doubt they would win but that is barely the point. If we only put up in candidates in seats we thought we would win then that wouldnt be very many would it.


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