In praise of Trevor Phillip’s….

I have alot of time for Trevor Phillip’s; the much-maligned head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. His face doesn’t fit (more accurately his repudiation of liberal sacred cows like multiculturalism doesn’t fit) and for that he is terrorised by the establishment. True, he has failings, but his willingness to speak out over issues like multiculturalism and call it the failure it is should be worth at least some defence.  His comments that multiculturalism could see Britain “sleepwalk into segregation” are both prescient and timely.

Celebrating difference is actively promoting and encouraging it; it should therefore be unsurprising when communities fray at the edges and the celebration of difference becomes active segregation and the rise of fear and suspicion. All of which is followed politically by the rise of parties like the British National Party. Multiculturalism is unquestionably partially to blame for the rise of the BNP as are the rather more absurd tenants of political correctness. It is the negation of liberty and leads to the widening of social divisions as Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, points out in response to Boris Johnson’s suggestion that non-Muslims fast for Ramadan;

“This message obviously seeks to flatter Muslim voters, but that does not make it any less of a silly overstatement. We can all get on together – Christians, Hindus, Muslims and atheists,” he said. “But the moment religion becomes a political tool, it takes on sinister overtones.”

Furthermore, it is clear that the EHRC is far too big and bloated a remit even by this governments bureaucratic standards. The EHRC should be dismantled and reconfigured along leaner and meaner lines; broken down into component parts for each area of discrimination then brought back together under the EHRC umbrella.  Despite at and Phillip’s failings there is still much worthy of defence in what it has done; it is right to take the BNP to task for their membership structure and has other achievements that Phillip’s himself lists;

“Last Wednesday we launched legal action against the BNP, to ensure that as far as is legally possible, politics is untainted by racism; this followed our report nailing the lie that migrants jump the queue for social housing.

On Monday we will release the results of a major investigation into the gender pay gap in financial services. If this report does not galvanise the City into working with us to produce radical change, then nothing will – except perhaps the promise of a vigorous application of our statutory powers.”

In the article Phillip’s goes along way to answering his critics; alot needs to be changed in the way both the EHRC operates and how Phillip’s himself does personally but nonetheless that should not lead to the ‘old style equality warrior’ being lost to the cause.


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2 responses to “In praise of Trevor Phillip’s….”

  1. Shilpa says :

    There are 2 entries there that lambast Trevor Philips. Thiis report may say good things, but who exactly is going to listen to him now. He is a corrupt Quangocrat, who thinks his job is only part time.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I am not saying he is perfect but something he does say are worth defending and like I said he simply isn’t liked by the liberal establishment because he is actually very right about multiculturalism and it’s failure. They simply dont like hearing it so his obvious flaws become exacerbated….as a convenient stick with which to beat him.


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