BNP on Question Time?

According to the BBC it is seriously being considered that the BNP will be allowed a representative on Question Time;

“The BBC’s chief political adviser, Ric Bailey, said the BNP had now “demonstrated evidence of electoral support at a national level.”

He said this would be “reflected” in the amount of coverage the party received on BBC programmes such as Question Time.”

I think this is quite right; I think it is about time that rather than ‘no-platforming’ the BNP we started actually ‘platforming’ them and exposing them politically to the same level of scrutiny that all other parties endure. On the few occasions I have heard Nick Griffin speak in the media he has been inarticulate and looked politically he has looked as patently absurd as he is.

Furthermore, the BNP are a part of the democratic process (like it or not) so while that means they have to play by the rules and change their membership structure they can also rightly expect that this does give them chance to air their repugant views for all to see.

So far so good then? Well, not quite because it put’s Labour in something of a tricky position. Labour is the party that maintains the ‘no platform’ stance most rigorously. However, Alistair Campbell’s blog tonight suggests that this position maybe about to change;

“In the BBC’s defence, the BNP has won seats in European Parliamentary elections, and under the rules of impartiality, they have to reflect that. The other parties have to respond to this change too. The line that ‘we do not share a platform with the BNP’ is less easy to hold.

Griffin’s worldview is repulsive, his political methods equally so, but as I said at the time of the European elections, the BNP have to be taken on and beaten in argument.”

The Labour Party (nor anybody else) has little to lose from directly confronting the BNP. No platforming has blatently failed as a strategy and anybody who cannot realise that is blind to basic poltical realities.


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8 responses to “BNP on Question Time?”

  1. Daniel James Evans says :

    I entirely agree with this.

    The best way to get rid of the BNP is to debate and expose them!


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thank you. Totally agreed 🙂


  3. Jasmine Costell, 17 says :

    I agree, the subject of the BNP appearing on question time is not one to be argued. They are, as stated, a political party and have won seats in the European election. Nick Griffin should try place his views amongst more seemingly professional politicians and then, through contrast, we will all be able to see just how far fetched and odious he and his parties views are.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I agree totally, give them the oxygen of publicity and let them choke on it…:)


  5. outsider looking in says :

    it bothers me that labour refuse to share a platform with bnp surely they would like to address the wickedness of there policies face to face !!!


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Agreed but thankfully sense seems to have prevailed and the policy been reversed :).


  7. Steve Lukather says :

    Left-wingers are pretty much all the same. They bang on about democracy when it suits them, but in reality, like all politically-correct do-gooders – they can’t stand debating with people who fall outside of that comfort zone. The BNP are by no means ‘perfect’, but at least they are true to themselves and have no ‘air’s or graces’ about their views on immigration, race or any other political issue. I would sooner vote for the BNP than any other of the political parties. WHY? They are not hampered with political-correctness and can pretty much tell it as they see it!!! Whether they are right or wrong – who knows? We all see the light in different ways! As far as I am concerned it is truly refreshing to see somebody like Nick Griffin – speak his mind with no care in the world about who he ‘may or may not’ offend. It must drive the PC brigade MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD and yes – you guessed it – MAD!!!!! Fantastic!


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I can see your point about double standards of the no-platforming left. They are defiantly not perfect I would contend although to my mind it is not an issue of political correctness, they have simply have wrong policies regardless of political correctness or none. It doesn’t drive me mad, just disgusts me but then again do not see that as a reason not to debate him.


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