Kennedy and Campbell ‘most missed’ – poll

Politics Home has this poll on politicians that people would most like to see more of; the good news is that the poll is topped by two Liberal Democrats; 34% wanted to see more of Charles Kennedy and 22% of Sir Menzies Campbell. Both were overwhelmingly popular amongst Lib Dems  with 64% wanting to see the return of Kennedy and 48% of Campbell.

Interestingly, Kennedy also outscores Tony Blair amoung Labour supporters (31% opting for Blair, 34% for Kennedy).  I think this is probably a reflection of Kennedy’s swashbuckling style which will go down well with Labour supporters and the firm stand he took over the Iraq war will also have resonated.

I have said before that this is something I feel is missing from the Liberal Democrat front-bench and is often missing in Clegg himself. Although in mitigation I will say that is not always true, he did shine over the Gurkha’s but nonetheless the point remains true in my eyes; some fire on the front benches would go far from amiss if we are serious about challenging Labour in it’s heartlands.

As with any Politics Home poll there are some rather odd gaps (probably reflecting the fact they are not a pollster). For example, it is hardly surprising that 50% of Conservative voters opted for ‘none of the above’ when none of the choices offered were likely to ever appeal. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had say David Davis been included on the list.

The second part shows no popular enthusiasm for the return of any former Cabinet ministers who left in the summer resignation frenzy. Not an awful lot to be gleaned from this and the question seems rather pointless to my mind, all it seems to prove is that they all resigned in vain, especially Purnell if he did so in preparation for a post-election defeat leadership bid.


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