Migration patterns swirl in circles…

Interesting report on the BBC which shows that economic migration is declining as it adopts a ‘circular’ pattern. The report by the Migration Policy Institute found that although  1.4 million East Europeans moved to the UK between 1995 and 2008 as many as half have now returned.

The  so-called A8 countries; Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, who all joined the EU in 2004, are becoming a much smaller part of the immigration picture.  So, not exactly the ‘immigration invasion’ that the British National Party says is in danger ‘exterminating’ Britain through ‘colinisation’.

The British National Party actually base their junk article on another report by Migration Watch but as usual the editing is selective.  It’s report into immigrations affect on population shows that;

“The birth rate has gone up, *partly* due to immigration, but net immigration is now likely to be much lower for 2008 due largely to a greater outflow of EU citizens – presumably as a result of the recession.” (my emphasis).

While sowing fear and discontent the British National Party do not want to enter into a serious debate about the economic benefits immigration can bring to a host country. To again borrow a quote;

“Most economists agree that there will be modest gains. On the whole the economic impact of immigration is broadly neutral to mildly positive,’ says John Salt of the migration research unit at University College London.”

Of course this is leaving aside the principled and liberal defence of immigration; that people should be free to act as they please and that they should have a opportunity both to provide for themselves and their families.  Overall, the patterns show that we are far from being ‘swamped’ or ‘colonised’ as is suggested in the rhetoric and propaganda of the British National Party. You can only conclude that this is the way they choose to debate issues because they have no substantive solutions to offer to people.


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2 responses to “Migration patterns swirl in circles…”

  1. Jill says :

    If you lived in the area i lived you may be more inclined to go along with what the BNP are saying.I believe that much of the reporting about the BNP is propaganda.Not that they are the ones doing it.I am looking forward to the tv debate see what happens there.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    With all due respect I doubt that very much. I doubt there is any experience which could convince me of the merit in their so obviously flawed world view. Can I ask what experiences of where you live make you say that?

    I was not making propaganda; I was quoting directly from their website with attendant links and I too look forward to those debates but I suspect for different reasons.


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