ActionAid launch ‘Yorkshire means the World’ campaign…

And now for something a little different; as you know I am not exactly non-partisan on this blog but every so often there comes a time/event/issue/cause which should transcend politics and party politics. So it is with this; so, please forget I am a Liberal Democrat for a second and just read with a neutral eye. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the ActionAid launch of it’s ‘Yorkshire Means the World’ campaign; Yorkshire, apparently gives the charity the most donations of any county and in Leeds in particular there is a very high level of child sponsorship.  Something that Leeds and the Yorkshire region as a whole should be proud of; and something this campaign hopes to build on.

What impressed me most about the charity was the way it focused on communities and providing long-term help to lift them out of poverty.  This is something that is often neglected; especially when a particular disaster hit’s the news, the long-term work needed is often forgotten in a blaze of news headlines which is sad because lasting solutions are what is needed. Linking into this is the campaigning work that the charity does; currently it’s postcard campaign want’s to plant a seed in Gordon Brown’s head and encourage him to do attend the World Food Summit in November.

Opening remarks by Richard Turner, the Head of Fundraising focused on the difference that ActionAid makes in the communities it works in.  He was followed Miata Jambawai from Sierra Leone who gave more practical illustrations of this and finally by Chris Evans; who told of meeting the child that she sponsors and how her fundraising amongst family and friends managed to transform the school classroom that she first met Mokoi Rianto in and the local community.

Workshops followed with me attending the ones on campaigning and fundraising in the local community and the ‘HungerFreeWorld’ campaign which aims literally to eradicate world hunger through calling for governments to invest in and support sustainable farming. All-in-all the day illustrated that all ActionAid supporters have alot to be proud of and the Yorkshire region in particular. Let’s hope that it’s new campaign is a success and I would urge all my readers to support it in whatever way they can…


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2 responses to “ActionAid launch ‘Yorkshire means the World’ campaign…”

  1. Andrew Robinson says :

    Hi Darrell,

    Thanks for attending our supporter event on Saturday. It was great to have you there a long with so many of supporters to meet staff from our country programmes and learn a bit more about our work.

    As you said above, we believe our focus on communities and our long-term work are what makes ActionAid special and child sponsorship is an excellent way for people in the UK to support this work whilst having a unique link to the change they are making on the ground.

    We’re really proud of the people of Yorkshire for all the support they’ve given us so far and our Yorkshire Means the World campaign over the next couple of weeks is our way of saying thank you. But we’ve still got thousands of children and communities who are in desperate need of our help so we’re also in Yorkshire asking people to do more to help children and people in poverty around the world by sponsoring a child.

    We’ve got a few more events coming up, the next being a festival in Briggate on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October so we’d love to see you and your readers there. People can find out more about our events (or sponsor a child straight away at):

    Thanks for your support of the campaign

    ActionAid UK


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thank you very much for the invite. I enjoyed the event very much as you can see and it was a pleasure to meet these people.

    I agree that it is your focus on communities that makes ActionAid special. I wish your campaign in Yorkshire every success. Your welcome; I wish ActionAid every success.

    Kind Regards,



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