Why do we have nothing to say on this?

This story in The Guardian details the horrifc consequences of the use by the US government of white phospherous in Falluja;

Doctors in Iraq‘s war-ravaged enclave of Falluja are dealing with up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants and a spike in early life cancers

Although doctors say the source of the deformities is unknown they uniformly report a dramatic rise since the start of the 2003 war. They are urging the UN to take soil samples and fully investigate the causes of these defects. Of course, there has to be a question mark over whether the United States will be particularly keen on such an investigation. Meanwhile the news yesterday was full of stories about the possibilities of alleged abuses by the British Army and that there will be no public inquiry into the fresh allegations.

Today a poll showing 71% supporting the phased withdrawal of British troops within a year; a further indication that the tide of public opinion has turned decisively against the war has been published by the Independent on Sunday. Nearly 50% (47%) thought that our presence in Afghanistan increased the threat of a terrorist attack on Britain; 44% disagreed but this still represents a general shift against the idea that the mission in Afghanistan actually protects British interests. It is a shame ComRes phrased that particular question that way as it would be fascinating to also see how many accept the argument that it is beneficial to Britain’s security interests. It would also have been interesting to see how British people view the Afghan regime since not only is it corrupt the evidence is stacking-up that it is also failing to improve the lives of Afghani’s.

These failing’s, along with our continued military presence, exacerbate and give the Taliban succour;

Mostly poor people’s rights have been violated. Poverty is extreme in Afghanistan. My own children have been deprived of the right to education. We are in need of food. There are no jobs for our young generation. There is no life for them. If people are jobless, they will commit crimes like kidnapping, killing. They become suicide bombers, and destroy our country.

It is not just poor people; women also are suffering under the Karzai government. If asked if British troops should be laying down their lives to defend a government like this then I am quite confident a majority of people would say no and agree that their lives are spent for no good reason.

However, if you looked on the Liberal Democrat website you would struggle to know any of this was going on; even if you listened to Nick Clegg the other night on Radio 5 Live. So, the simple question is why do we have nothing to say on any of this?


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