Our role should be to represent…..

Politics Home says in one of its ‘insider pieces’ that ‘three party politics is here to stay’. Of course, this begs the question of what our role should be within a three party system as; realistically, we are not a party of protest nor are we one of potential government. Our role can only be to represent a chosen constituency as best we can and given our electoral strategy is to supplant Labour as the ‘progressive party’ then the working class has to be one of these key constituencies we seek to represent.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph has published a poll which shows the Conservatives advancing in the ‘key marginal’ working-class Labour strongholds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Liberal Democrat figure is deemed not even to be worthy of mention. This should be something of concern when allegedly we are the ones who are supposed to be targeting these seats and where despite controlling or part-controlling several northern cities we are not seen as worth to represent these cities at a national level (although this is under threat in places like Liverpool and Leeds).

Although on the face of it (and this is certainly the way the Telegraph spin it) it looks like a good poll for David Cameron and the Conservatives  it is by no means that cut-and-dried. As Anthony Wells points out on UK Polling Report this poll takes place in the context of genuine signs of a small movement in favour of Labour nationally. This reflects I feel the hesitancy surrounding peoples support for Cameron and it is worth noting that working class voters favour Labour still in the Telegraph poll even now (when the government is arguably unpopular as it ever will be) by 40 – 38%. If Labour was to quickly expose the nature of the incoming government then I think it could easily widen the gap in the ‘key marginals’ quickly and bring us back to hung parliament territory and us without a constituency….


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