The weakest link…..

Should something like this be situated next to a school?

Another day of embarrassment for Leeds City Council in the letters pages of the Yorkshire Evening Post. A barrage of criticism is directed at proposals to situate a ‘waste transfer site’ opposite the playground of Kirkstall Valley Primary School. Students at the school organised a protest last Friday with gas masks and the chair of the governors reports that;

“Students are writing letters, organising petitions and will participate in a deputation to the council”

As a governor at a different school I can only empathise with the position of the governors and the students. Nothing would compel me to accept a similar decision. Cleary, closeness to a school should make the intended site inappropriate for such a facility; apart from the obvious there exists the very real potential for accidents to happen.

Another letter comes from Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Leeds West showing that once again the policies of the council have made us a soft target for our political opponents. Behind these policies it has to be suspected lies the price of a coalition with the Conservatives. Councillor Andrew Carter takes over the leadership of the council on their behalf and suggests that tensions exist within the coalition over the handling of recent bin strike;

“Coun Carter feels that during the strike the council failed to get its message across effectively.”

A coalition is only useful up to and including the point it allows you to advance your own party and cause. The coalition in Leeds has become an active break on the development of the Liberal Democrat party and is becoming a clear burden. Why it is maintained is therefore beyond me because it is an active force in bringing the party into disrepute. An independent Liberal Democrat Party would hopefully be able to serve the public in Leeds better as it would be able to develop it’s own policies developed around its own values. If we cannot speak with our own voice then the electorate will punish us on May 6th and both parties will find themselves out of power.

UPDATE: It seems some Leeds Liberal Democrats cant understand once a written convention is established it is then followed. Intent on finding any excuse to discipline me they have interpreted an ‘independant Liberal Democrat party’ as being a rebel one I intend to set-up. I am happy to indulge them with the rules of basic English and explain it means independent of the current coalition.


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4 responses to “The weakest link…..”

  1. janewatkinson says :

    I think you are pretty clear with what you are saying, by independent you mean the party not being polluted with Tory ideas, thus, the party at local levels as it is at a national level. I mean i have just been called a Marxist by a Tory for supporting Balls’ views that Cameron needs to consider the wide range of relationships instead of promoting just one type of relationship. It would be a disaster if we joined the Tories in a hung parliament, we would have no chance of policies such as our tax reform, the Tory who blogged about me being a Marxist for example, called tax inheritance as “morally fucking repulsive”. How we can work with people like that is beyond me. However, there are some people in the Lib Dems who want to, but this is why a hung parliament would be so bad for us. It would divide our party into two. I think it is obvious what you are saying here, just when someone has got something in there head they read the information to suit what they want it to say. I thankfully do understand the codes and conventions of English:)


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for recognising that; that is exactly what I mean and what exactly we have seen in Leeds and the restriction of democracy. It’s often the way that people characterise their opponents arguments as ‘extremist’ usually when they havent got a leg to stand on as they did with you.

    Agreed. The coalition in Leeds has shown that, we would be the human face of attacks on the people we should be defending. How somebody can defend inherited wealth and say taxing it is morally repulsive is beyond me. Like you say a hung parliament would tear our party apart. Thank you again; like you say people are willfully misunderstanding it to suit their own political agenda. I know you do :).


  3. Joe Otten says :

    Oh you’re a liberal democrat? I hadn’t noticed.

    The only party members I’ve heard opposing inheritance tax are the LVT brigade – who rather over-egg the benefits of LVT and therefore deem inheritance tax unnecessary. But theirs is not a view the Tories could stomach.

    Frankly I see nothing on this blog but smear and innuendo against party figures supporting the agreed policies which are good for low paid people at some cost to the better off. Why you write this stuff is a mystery.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    What is a complete mystery is the context of this comment, how is the Leeds City Council policy on the bin strikes better for low paid people? How is the policy on Royal Park School better for the community? It isn’t.


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