Clegg is wrong about Class….

Nick Clegg, talking about the recent ‘class war’, got it totally wrong in saying that the Conservatives background didn’t matter but it was their ‘values’. Clegg’s head is, frankly, buried in the sand if he does not see the two things as connected. Cause and effect become artificially separated into two hermetically sealed bubbles in the Clegg narrative which renders it so vague and wandering. He fails to explain how they are not unless he is naive enough to believe we actually live in a purely functioning meritocracy.

He obviously knows something is the matter when he;

warned that Mr Cameron’s party “have a major credibility problem, which is they talk the talk of fairness yet they want to give major tax breaks to the very rich”.

 Why do they have that problem then Nick? How does this claim make sense unless you actually understand the background of the Cameron clique? Part of their credibility problem was touched upon by Gordon Brown with his ‘playing fields of Eton’ comment. However, properly speaking this is a problem for all parties as has rightly been pointed out the crisis of working class representation and alienation is one that no major party properly addresses and its results can be seen in the rise of the likes of the British National Party. One of the reasons Clegg is so blind to class is like Cameron he comes from a privelged background; attending the same school as John Locke, the privelged and the elite never want to talk about class for obvious reasons.

Clegg however shows that we are still stuck in the mentality of the 19th century Liberal Party; dumbfounded by the rise of Labour and it’s exile from power. Whether we will lose alot of voters to Labour next time is subject to debate but it should be quite clear to anyone with eyes that the prospect of a tight electoral squeeze is looming large. Clegg’s lack of clarity is something that only draws that prospect closer into reality.

It is a lack of clarity that underpins our perspectives and too often when it is practically played out (like in Leeds) in power it allots to us the unenviable role of the gods of hell-fire; raining fire and brimstone down on communities we claim falsely to understand and represent. It also cruelly exposes Clegg’s wildly inaccurate claim that we are carrying the torch of progress……


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2 responses to “Clegg is wrong about Class….”

  1. Joe Otten says :

    Oh curse that Clegg and his damnably accurate analysis of Cameron’s credibility problem.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I wasn’t saying it wasn’t an accurate anylysis; I was just saying it is somewhat matched by his own.


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