‘70% of Conservatives support ethnic screening’ – ConHome

Conservative Home never disappoints when it comes to revealing the true face of the Conservative Party. One wonders how many hairs David Cameron has torn out through a simple skim of its contents as it undermines his efforts to argue the Conservative Party has somehow changed.

It reports that 70% of Conservative Party members support ‘ethnic screening’ of air travellers;

In the end-year ConservativeHome survey (answered by 1,994 members), 70% agreed that “Airport security staff should screen passengers so that, for example, elderly ladies are not treated the same as young Asian men”. Just 22% disagreed.

The complete lunacy of this position is exposed in a piece in The Guardian by Ed Husain;

If it is Muslim-sounding names that are to be stopped, would a name like Richard Reid – the infamous shoe bomber – have been detected? If it is Asian men that are to be stopped, then we will see an increase in white men recruited for terror?

After all, al-Qaeda’s English spokesperson is Adam Gadahn, a white American.

So, support for ‘ethnic screening’ is deeply illogical from the perspective of making airports safer so can only be the result of deeply ingrained racial prejudice. In the first response ‘pp’ says that any argument against it is informed by the ‘topsy-turvy’ logic of political correctness but Husain’s piece shows it is the logic of its supporters which is more than a little askew. 

To be fair;  some of the 22% who disagreed did intervene in the comments to make salient points. ‘Cleethorpes Rock’ argued correctly that profiling presents the danger of ‘giving Al-Quaeda a checklist to get around’. ‘Eugene’ pointed out;

the moment you pick only on a certain group, that causes hurt among the majority innocent in that group and hurt leads to resentment and resentment often leads to conflict.

A point amplified by ‘a concerned Jewish person’ who asked the editor, Tim Montgomerie;

Tim will you be recommending all Muslims to wear a yellow star?

It shows that the mainstream instincts of the Conservative Party are not to support civil liberties as some Liberal Democrats mistakenly assume. Just because they happen to be in opposition and are able therefore to make encouraging noises in that direction does not change their intrinsic position. 


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