Big loser of ‘SnowStorm’ plot will be Blairism…..

It’s quite amazing given the events of the last few weeks; when both Labour and the Conservatives appeared to be limbering-up for an election-fight on a sightly more even footing than before that Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon should choose this moment to call for a secret ballot on the issue of Gordon Brown’s leadership.

Added to dissenting calls from the likes of Lord Mandleson on the ‘class-war’ strategy and even the friendly noises from Lord Adonis towards the Liberal Democrats what you can see is a clear pattern of factional behaviour; not by Labour’s left but by its right. However, all that this will do in the long-run is tarnish its cause and hasten its demise in popularity with the Labour membership.

If it loses its appeal of electability (which, after all, was its central raison d’ etre) and in its death throes damages Labour then it will lose all credibility as a political force. Since it seems that the rebellion is confined to people who are known and identified as Blairites it is likely that Sunder Katwala is right and the plot will fail.

What is more the long-term consequence of their failures will be the waning of their own individual political careers and their faction. This will become true of whoever is implicated with the plot; if Mike Smithson is right and Harriet Harman is involved then that will be the end of her leadership bid before it even starts.

My opinion is that most Labour Party members will feel as David Osler does writing on Liberal Conspiracy and despair of the antics of the Parliamentary Labour Party. It’s quite clear to me that the Blairites within it are perfectly willing to ‘destroy the village’ in order to save it in their eyes. No doubt it will not be long before they themselves feel the heat.


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4 responses to “Big loser of ‘SnowStorm’ plot will be Blairism…..”

  1. John says :

    All this intrigue is doing the electors heads in. They will be punished for this.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Think your probably right to be honest. It looks alot like naval gazing when these disputes break out and are centred more around personality than policy….


  3. DerekGoodliffe says :

    There seems to be little support for the secret ballot,but yet again Labour are in selfdestruct mode, poor poor timeing, or are the two of them selfish in that they are only thinking of their personal adgenda,s


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    I think as we write the plot has pretty much fizzeled in a day. Very true; I totally agree.


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