Population caps; a recepie for disaster….

Population caps are a singularly bad idea; from start to finish they are one of those ideas which appeals to ‘common sense’ but leads to rather sinister conclusions. It is in this context that the recent recommendations of the ‘cross-party’ group of MP’s and peers should be judged.

Firstly, it should be noted that in this case ‘cross-party’ means 10 Conservative and 5 Labour MP’s so the bias to echoing Conservative thought is already in-built. Stated Conservative policy is to seek a cap on incoming workers which may sound sensible and nice but actually is a form of social control that, in time, can potentially lead to widespread repression of basic human freedoms.

 For example, if you accept the principle that there should be a limit on population then what do you do about the indigenous population breeding (or, for that matter, living longer)? You reach a certain point where euthanasia potentially becomes compulsory and Chinese-style restrictions are placed on family-size. You reach a point, logically speaking, where birth control becomes mandatory; something that women especially are forced into taking against their will. So, the notion that such a cap would only restrict immigration is singularly untrue; especially when it is established received wisdom that people are living longer thus contributing to a demographically ‘aging population’.

All sound far-fetched? Well, maybe it is for now but all of the above follows from the logical trajectory of accepting populations should have a limit decided by the state. I would hope that neither Frank Field or Nicholas Soames would support any of the above but what do they expect parties to do to turn;

their rhetoric into reality by making manifesto commitments to prevent our population reaching 70 million by 2029.”

The notion that such a population level is ‘unsustainable’ is totally non-sensical when you consider the waste of things like foods that pervades our social system. The Liberal Democrat response is typical; accept the prevailing logic but try to make it appear ‘fair’ by moving people around to ‘where they are wanted’; so much for a radical critique of established wisdom.

What is desperately lacking is a principled defence of immigration (another missing concept from the Liberal Democrat conception of civil liberties) and a recognition that in the long-run closing our borders will, in the long-run, damage more than the freedom of others to choose to live here and that is far more sinister than any threatthe British National Party could ever provide.


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3 responses to “Population caps; a recepie for disaster….”

  1. jim jay says :

    Totally agree.


  2. Robert Brown says :

    Yeah I think you are right, we need more young working people to support the ageing population who will need social support in their old age. It is stupid for people to suggest that such a crude target is beneficial, it has all the wrong implications


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for the comment. 🙂


    Thanks for the comment. Totally agree that the argument for caps doesnt make economic sense either.


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