‘War on Terror’; founded on ‘Dodgy’ premises…..

So, Alistair Campbell stands by ‘every word’ of the now infamous Iraq ‘Dodgy Dossier’. Good for him; he might have convinced himself but he is one of the few in the wider country who is convinced. He says that it was ‘not intended to misrepresent’ and ‘could have been clearer’ but yet admits he gave ‘presentational advice’ and finds the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction ‘difficult’.

Given that we know the state has every interest in peddling falsehood to bolster faltering cases for war (as proved by the Iraq experience) we should look at the recent poll into the attitudes of Afghani’s with a healthy dose of scepticism. For example, the notion that something is ‘somewhat good’ is very vague and it conforms to none of the standards British opinion polls are subject too (such as there is no data presented on the sampling).

This is one of the reasons its hard to undermine the data but I would tend to think that a doctor in Kabul suggesting;

I think the survey must have been given a Western slant to promote Afghanistan and show Afghans that they are doing the right thing

at least points to the possibility that this poll may well be less than representative. The state is forced to lie its way through the terrorism issue because the unpalatable truth is that terrorist attacks will on occasion succeed and that the most totalitarian state in the world cannot prevent this (Tsarist Russia being a good example of one that tried, and failed).

The question then becomes one of minimisation of risk and this is not something that either military escapade in Iraq and Afghanistan has contributed too. Indeed, success or failure in either is inimical to combating the terrorist threat (as is the erosion of civil liberties); primarily what matters is good quality intelligence and swift action on that. This is something the Barack Obama had the good grace to recognise recently.

There is simply no need for the erosion of civil liberties; instead of  sweeping anti-terror powers which are a tawdry excuse for authorities to systematically violate human rights nor is there any need for various Western governments to stampede around the globe inflicting ‘regime change’ on various populace (while, without a hint of irony, leaving regimes like the Saudi one untouched). All this does is further alienate people and prolong a perpetual ‘war’ that will never be won…..


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2 responses to “‘War on Terror’; founded on ‘Dodgy’ premises…..”

  1. Letters From A Tory says :

    A mere mention of Saudi Arabia would have undermined every single justification of military action by a British government for at least 20 years, if not more.

    Wars these days are all geo-political, there’s nothing moral about them at all.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    This is true because Saudi Arabia is one of the worst despostisms there is. I totally agree and wish politicians would drop the pretence there is.


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