Letters to Cameron and Darling….

‘Snail-Mail’ [sic] seems to have enjoyed something of a political revival today. Andy Burnham has sent one to David Cameron about his the friendly; but of course, ‘never intending to influence policy’ donation from Care UK to Andrew Lansley and Boris Johnson has sent one to Alistair Darling about the 50p band.

I wonder if either sender is seriously expecting a response from the receiver (beyond the usual standardised platitudes)? In the case of Lansley you would have to be amazingly naïve to think that Care UK would not be most grateful for alot of the Conservative policies on health being implemented. If you look at the Conservatives links to the likes of Nurses for Reform its clear how business shapes their agenda in ways that are more subtle than funding the private office of the relevant shadow minister.

The strength of the vested interests that lie behind the Conservatives  is clear. Even the Daily Telegraph is forced to concede;

Unlike most Labour ministers, senior Conservatives routinely accept money to help run their private offices from wealthy individuals or companies.

‘BoJo’ meanwhile has  of his missive undermined by the announcements that: a) Barack Obama plans to introduce his own bank levy and b) JP Morgan has reported massive profits. The problem with the ‘windfall tax’ as it stands is simply that it does not go far enough; not that it goes too far. Obama’s announcement in particular shows how possible an internationally implemented transaction (Tobin) tax actually is and the levies on the banks need to be coupled with radical structural change.  In particular it baffels me why banks think they should be immune from things like transaction taxes which the rest of us have to pay.

Nothing is wrong with now making the case for radical change in the financial sector which is universally despised and rightly seen as the primary cause of the last economic crash.


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