Conservative Home spins out of control….

Conservative Home has a poll on what its Prospective Parliamentary Candidates think is the most important issue to pursue should they get elected. Unsurprisingly, cutting the deficit came top, followed by cutting ‘red tape and regulation for business, particularly for small business’.

Conservative Home’s spin on the results is very interesting;

Interestingly, three issues associated with the modernising agenda (civil liberties, defending the NHS and fighting poverty) score above winning powers back from Europe and reducing the level of immigration.

Notice the rhetorical slight-of-hand? ‘Defending the NHS’ was not even given as an option; the real answer polled is ‘Proving the Tories can be trusted with the NHS’. In other words the PPC’s who thought this was important do not necessarily think that the NHS should be defended but think its important to present the image that the Conservatives can be trusted with the NHS.

It is perfectly possible to think Daniel Hannan is right and that the NHS is a ’60 year mistake’ and rate this option highly because regardless of that you might think its important for the Conservative Party to be seen as ‘trustworthy’ when it comes to the NHS. The way the questions are asked are brazenly loaded as is the  spin the author puts on the results.

However, regardless of the spin, we can clearly where the blue-eyed Thatcherite PPC’s real concerns lie; ‘supporting a conservative agenda for fighting poverty’ receives a paltry score of 45 compared to cutting regulations on business which scores 73 and reducing welfare bills which scores 59.

Meanwhile the establishment of new schools scores 23 and better road and rail services scores 20 and more affordable housing 14. Shockingly, reducing Britain’s carbon footprint scores a paltry 8. So much for ‘Vote Blue; Go Green’; the ‘Green Tree’ is burnt to a cinder by the still-burning Thatcherite torch. No amount of spin and gloss can hide lack of change within the Conservative Party; if anything it is more reactionary and backward than ever before.  If the Conservative Party cannot change itself how can it be trusted to change the country?


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