A warning from Israel…..

It always amuses me highly to hear Western leaders praise Israel as a shining example of democracy in an area where democracy is a scarce commodity. Our ‘democratic ally’ apparently suffers for this unswerving [sic] devotion to democracy as the forces of ‘terror’ try to pull it down. Of course, nobody would dispute the vile nature of the likes of Hamas’s intent however this narrative ignores the fact that Israel is as far from the ‘shining light of democracy’ its possible to be.

The Washington Post reports;

Israel is arresting a growing number of prominent opponents to its policies toward the Palestinians, say critics who are accusing the government of trying to crush legitimate dissent.

In the most high-profile case yet, Jerusalem police detained the head of a leading Israeli human rights group during a vigil against the eviction of Palestinian families whose homes were taken by Jewish settlers.

The state of deluded paranoia which grips leading levels of the Israeli state; strong enough to encourage it to incarcerate its own citizens for protesting is clearly shown in the comments of the Military Intelligence Chief, Yamos Adin as reported in Haaretz. Adin claims that Israel’s ‘success’ against ‘terror’ has turned the international community ‘against it’. A kind of Millwall-esque football fan mentality grips the Israeli governments psyche;  everybody hates us and we dont care.

Meanwhile, Israel and Iran continue to circle each like weary tigers waiting to pounce. Iran has accused Israel and the US of being behind a bomb attack which killed a nuclear physicist and it has threatened Israel explicitly. The Jerusalem Post accuses Iran of being behind an attempt on the lives of Israeli diplomats and tries to link Iran to Al-Quaeda;

The attack itself was apparently carried out by local al-Qaida supporters who received money and explosives from Iran, the sources said.

It will attempt to enlist Western support but Israel is more than willing to act independently against Iran. This is what makes Israel a ticking time-bomb of a country and unconditional support for it even more dangerous. However, there is also another lesson to be learned and that is the willingness of the state to use the struggle against terrorism to repress *any* critics of the states actions using the justification of ‘anti-terrorism’; this above all other reasons is why the vast majority of the current anti-terror legislation should be removed from the statute book.


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13 responses to “A warning from Israel…..”

  1. Rick Johnson says :

    Why does Israel continue to get away with their crimes? I have denouced the Bible after hearing “God’s chosen people” so many times. How can “god’s chosen” make so many despicable actions against Palestinians?

    They are not God’s chosen people any more than the Arabs, Chinese, Africans, etc. This is just one big mind game they are playing on Christian conservatives in USA. Israel learned before most of us were born who to be friends with and how to work the system. USA gives them $7 million dollars a day! It is no wonder half the world hates them (and consequently the USA). WW3 is coming and Israel lies in the center of it. USA is giving unconditional support to these devils and they are pure and simple WRONG in their actions.

    War on “terror”? This is so ridiculous. As you point out, another play on words in the mind game to legitimize their actions. When I was younger I used to think the Chinese government was so bad because they stifled religion. Now I am seeing that its not such a bad idea.

    And the USA with their “freedom of religion”??? HA ! USA thinks Christianity is the norm. Israel has brainwashed USA to the point that we have lost one of our basic tenets—separation of church and state. They love it when USA nuts wave the flag and thump their Bibles…because the bibe says “god’s chosen people”.

    Don’t get me goin’….I can rant and rave about this all day long. Nuthin anyone can do about it. Just get ready for the war.


    • mommsen says :

      It never amuses me when Britons talk with each other about Israel as if they were the participants in a contest to find out who of them is the most arrogant and the most ignorant man between John o’ Groats and Land’s End.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I honestly dont know but suspect the reason is that rather short-sightedly the major players in international politics see supporting Israel as somehow representing their best interests. Also, there are strong pro-Israel domestic lobbys especially in America which are a factor.

    Agreed that the ‘war on terror’ is universally ridicolous and leads to the erosion of democracy. Lets hope it doesnt come to that….but you never know…


    • mommsen says :


      Who are the “major players in international politics”? Do only American politicians, president Sarkozy and chancellor Merkel belong into this category? What about president Ahmadinejad? What about the leaders of Arab nations? Are they no “major players in international politics”? Or is your view too Eurocentric to pay any attention to Iranian or Arab leaders at all?

      Hamas says about itself in its own charter that it was committed to Israel’s destruction. How relaxed would Britons react if they had a foreign government next door which says that it was committed to the destruction of the British nation? I still remember that not so many years ago the UK fought a war against Argentina to defend a small British territory far away from home and without any real importance for the future of Britain.

      With regard to Israel’s political system, I really wonder whether there is no major difference between Israel on the one hand, and Iran on the other hand. Does Israel really treat its Arab citizens as badly as Iranian citizens are treated by the regime in Iran? This month Iranian authorities have banned contact with foreign think-tanks, universities and journalists.Iranian citizens who voiced their protest against the Iranian regime last month were shot by the police on the street.Nevertheless you did not write about Iran, but about Israel that it was a country as far from the ’shining light of democracy’ as any country could be.

      Of course, it’s very difficult to be fair when making a statement about politics in the Middle East. But I think that at least we should try.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I am not sure I take your meaning. However, I will say that Israel should not be afforded special status because of its history. Plenty of peoples have suffered horrific atrocities in their history and that does not give them the right to then go on and then committ them against other peoples. I hate the argument that Israel deserves some kind of special treatment either under international law or the international gaze because of the past because it boils down to a form of emotional blackmail, not a reasoned argument.


    • mommsen says :


      The Israelis want nothing but a place on Earth where they can feel safe. Germans have a place where they can feel safe. The same applies to Britons. But Israelis rightly feel unsafe in the land where they live. When people have a real reason to feel under a permanent threat, it would be naïve to expect from them the same sort of behaviour which can be expected from those who have the privilege to live in security.


      • Rick Johnson says :

        Israel wants a place where they can feel safe….OK fine that is a legitimate want.

        But Israel has done everything except kill the palestinians: cut off their food and medicine, supplies, restricted their travel, restricted their ability to work, confiscated their land, thrown them in jail (and for christ sake building a wall around them???). They have been opressed in the worst way for decades, like animals, and if you were in the same situation, total desperation, no hope for statehood, hungry, (and throw in that your neighbor/uncle/father might have been killed by an israeli soldier), WHO CAN FAULT THEM FOR SUICIDE BOMBING?

        Israelis want a place on earth that they can feel safe? Jeez, the Palestinians just want a PLACE! Shame on the USA for letting this injustice continue on and on. There! That is the basic reason for 911 and most all of the middle east/world turmoil.

        Just give the Palestinians their basic human rights (give them their land, give them control of their land, stop building israel settlements, and then Israel (USA) would have alot less problems.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Lets be quite clear about what I do and dont support. What I do support is Israel’s right to exist as a nation. What I dont support is Hamas’s or any other bigoted schemas to wipe Israel off the map. What I dont support is Israel trampling over the Palestinians; the Lebenese etc to do that nor do I support the expansion of Israel’s borders on the spurious basis of what the Bible says. A cheap pretext for imperialism and the subjucation of other peoples if ever there was one.

    I also do not support the surpression of the rights of *Israeli citizens* to protest in making a point of view clear. Nor do I support the treating of Arab Israelis as second-class citizens.

    Now to answer your questions. In this context the major players means the leaders of Western powers because I am referring in general to the ‘West’. Maybe that should have been clearer. Probably not very well but the fact is that Israel is neurotic in the extreme. Its dangerous, unstable and has an over-inflated sense of its own victimhood. It is by far the most superior power in the region and has its own nuclear weapons (in direct violation of non-proliferation; one rule for them, one for others).

    That war was aged for political gain by an ideologue who I dont happen to like. They are second-class citizens by all accounts in Israel. This is not to defend Iran but merely to expose the myth of Israel’s shining virtue. Finally, go back through the records. I have wrote about Iran and the possibility that Israel will crush any democratic movement of the Iranian people as surely as the Iranian government does which I think it most likely will unless they act as Israel wants.

    I agree. However part of that is redressing the softness shown to Israel by Western governments.


  5. mommsen says :

    @ Rick Johnson

    You wrote with regard to the Palestinians: “if you were in the same situation, total desperation, no hope for statehood, hungry, (and throw in that your neighbor/uncle/father might have been killed by an israeli soldier), WHO CAN FAULT THEM FOR SUICIDE BOMBING?”

    Well, almost 15 million Germans were in the same situation after WWII. They were expelled from their homeland in the East.

    Territories where for more than seven centuries their German ancestors had lived, became suddenly a German-free territory and became annexed by Poland and by the Soviet Union.

    Almost all Germans in the East had to leave their homes forever.

    Many of them were traumatized by this. When they arrived in the Western parts of Germany they were in total desperation and hungry. As if this wasn’t bad enough, West Germans were not exactly friendly when Germans from the East arrived in 1945 in Western parts of Germany. Many of the West Germans had not enough food for themselves. Many of their own property had been bombed during WWII. In spite of their own difficulties, they were forced by law to share what little they had with those who had come from the East.

    Of course, many of the Germans who had lost their homes in the East hoped that one day they would be able to return. They wanted “our country” back. However, in 1969 Willy Brandt became the new German chancellor. He believed that it was about time to create a new reality in Europe. He wanted a lasting peace. He promised a policy of good neighbourhoods between all European nations. That’s why he began his Ostpolitik in 1969.

    His government became the first German post-war government to recognise the existing borders between Germany and Poland. Formerly German territorities in the East had become Polish and would remain so. This was Brandt’s policy! The Norwegians gave him the Nobel Prize of Peace.

    Of course, not everyone in Germany liked Brandt’s Ostpolitik then. But on election day in 1972, Brandt’s Social Democratic Party – Germany’s oldest party – has been more succesful than ever in its history. An overwhelming majority of Germans voted in favour of peace and Ostpolitik. They had understood that peace was more important than land.

    Now compare this attitude of the Germans with the attitude of the Palestinians!

    Had Germans reacted in the same way as most Palestinians do now, perhaps you would have written about the Germans: “WHO CAN FAULT THEM FOR SUICIDE BOMBING?”

    But, who knows?

    Perhaps you wouldn’t have written this. Perhaps you would have written something else. Perhaps you would have said: ‘Well, the Germans have another history. Their SS men had murdered millions of Jews and of Poles. Therefore they couldn’t expect to be treated like normal people.’

    Perhaps you would have said this, and perhaps you would even have added that therefore the fate of the Palestinians should not be compared with the fate of the expelled Germans from Germany’s former East.

    Should you have written this – which you did not – then even this would not be entirely true. We only have to remember that the Mufti of Jerusalem lived for many months in Berlin during WWII. What did he do there?

    Well, historians know the answer already. The Mufti met with Heinrich Himmler’s SS to plan and to prepare an Auschwitz-like gassing of Jews in Palestine. It was only because of Montgomery’s victory at al-Alamein that there has never been an Auschwitz in Palestine. The German troops who lost the battle in al-Alamein had not come alone to North Africa. They had arrived there together with the SS men who wanted to murder all Jews in Palestine.

    As you may aready know, for many European Jews Palestine had been the only place where they could go to during WWII when they wanted to escape the SS murderers.

    Neither Britain nor America let many Jews immigrate when Hitler ruled Germany, though the British government knew in those days what was going every day in Nazi death camps like Auschwitz.


  6. mommsen says :

    @ Rick Johnson

    In the first comment which you wrote on this thread you asked: “Why does Israel continue to get away with their crimes?”

    Here are some numbers: During the first intifada approximately 1,500 Palestinians were killed by Israelis. During the second intifada approximately 3,000 Palestinians were killed by Israelis.

    Now let’s keep those numbers in mind.

    And now let’s try to have a look at the numbers of casualties caused by Tony Blair’s Iraq War.

    Unfortunately, the respective numbers vary widely. Estimations with low numbers say that there have been approximately 100,000 casualties in Iraq. Estimations with high numbers say that there have been approximately 1,000,000 casualties in Iraq.

    Are these the numbers which make Britons ask today: “Why does Israel continue to get away with their crimes?”

    Oh, I see. Some Britons really know how to surprise me.


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I have to say that I think its a bit unfair to all Britons as being in favour of the Iraq War; I remember marching against as did l millions of others.


    • mommsen says :


      I agree. That’s why I did not write that ALL Britons really know how to surprise me. I only wrote that SOME Britons really know how to surprise me.

      Perhaps I should simply have written: “Why does Britain continue to get away with their crimes?”

      But then I did not want to evoke the false impression as if I had the same feelings with regard to Britain which Rick Johnson has with regard to Israel.


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Fair enough. I think the reason Britain does is because its a Western power and they usually do because they create the way justice is defined in the international arena.


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