House of Comments Podcast….In Defence of Labour

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the House of Comments podcast. Despite being plagued by technical issues the hosts; Mark Thompson and Stuart Sharpe as well as co-commenter Constantly Furious despite almost saint-like patience as I grappled with the lack of internet signal.

Eventually we were able to kick-off and I was grilled about my recent switch from the Liberal Democrats to Labour. This discussion merged into a little talk about the relative merits of party politics. Constantly Furious was worried about the implications of government meddling with his liver which then turned into broader musings on the ‘nanny state’ and whether it has gone too far.

Moving from the liver to matters concerning the stomach we then talked about Cadburys recently succumming to Kraft’s hostile corporate advances. Constantly Furious was annoyed that politicians seem not to be able to grasp the difference between a retail and a wholesale bank.

You can listen to the podcast and download it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making the podcast and I would just like to thank the hosts for inviting me and me co-commentor Constantly for being there and offering his own perspective on events.


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