Jaw-Jaw or War-War?

One day a Western leader will be honest and talk about the absolute chaos that reins in Afghanistan; a chaos that is killing British and American troops and that is, of course, not to mention the countless Afghan civilians. If the generals and politicians were honest they would tell the people plainly what is becoming increasingly obvious; this conflict cannot be won.

A US general, Stanley McChrystal, yesterday had the grace to admit the above point candidly;

The top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan has said that a political solution to the Afghan conflict is ‘inevitable’ and hinted that peace negotiations with the Taliban may be the way forward, according to a report published Monday.

There had been ‘enough fighting’ and he hoped that an international conference on Afghanistan in London later this week would produce a ‘new commitment’ to the ‘right outcome’ for the people of Afghanistan, US general Stanley McChrystal said.

‘I believe that a political solution to all conflicts is the inevitable outcome. And it’s the right outcome.‘”

So, what was the disgraceful response of the British and American governments to this insight? It was to launch yet another ‘new offensive’. The stupidity and hypocrisy beggars belief. Who is really silly enough to imagine the Taliban will entertain the prospect of a negotiated peace while British and American artillery rains down upon their heads? While this situation exists the more moderate elements will fight-on alongside unwinnable extremists and there is no chance of them coming to the table.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s government has yet again has proved its basic unworthiness of support; parliamentary elections have been suspended from May to September nominally on logistical grounds.

While this move has been welcomed as it apparently lessens the risk of fraud one wonders what difference four months will make to a body in The Independent Election Commission that appears to be anything but as it would title would suggest;

The election commission, though nominally independent, was widely regarded as having failed to safeguard the presidential election.

The end of this pointless, wasteful conflict is long-overdue. Peace will not be won by military means neither will a victory of any kind.


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