Conservative activist suspended over Nazi language….

Todays Yorkshire Evening Post tells the story of Conservative Future’s West Yorkshire chairman, David Bolt who likened his organisation’s campaigning to the Sonderkommando – units of Jewish prisoners forced to dispose of the dead in Second World War Nazi death camps:

 “In effect, we will form a CF Sonderkommando which will be available to blitz any areas which battleground PPCs (prospective parliamentary candidates] particularly wish to target, whether that be through canvassing, literature drops or visible, high-impact campaigning.”

Bolt, who obviously likes bad metaphors (later he quoted Sun Tzu), has found himself deservedly suspended. Meanwhile, perhaps partially as a response CCHQ announced it will be vetting Conservative candidates tweets. Conservative Home reports also that CCHQ is desperately trying to stop its candidates from mentioning immigration. However, all of this should not be allowed to detract from the real issue which is that prejeudice beats strongly at the heart of the Conservative Party.

Meclanchthon takes David Cameron to task for attacking the Church of Englands attitude to homosexuality but echos Cameron’s view that re is nothing left to discuss in terms of homosexual rights;

I used to be much more interested in the politics of homosexuality.  That was when there were lots of important changes to be made or to prevent.

Therein lies the genesis of the seeming Conservative conversion to socially liberal attitudes; an acceptance and defence of what is, ie, conservatism not a committment to genuine equality or progress. This is why the conversion is skin-deep and does not represent a major shift. When it comes to making an actual change the Conservatives and Cameron revert to type as the man himself demonstrates by despite being personally ‘disdainful’ of the ban on homosexuals donating blood still waiting for the results of an independent review. Cameron wants to wait for ‘logic’ to dictate change because he has no ideological committment to it.

Conservatism will never be a force for change no matter how hard Cameron tries to spin it as one….if Britain elects a Conservative government it will find this out the hard way.


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