Conservative hawks circle over Iran…..

One of the least edifying spectacles of the Iraq War was how when things suddenly went wrong the Conservatives discovered what a very bad idea it had been all along. True, the Labour Party leadership has yet to have that revelatory experience however at least they are being more consistent which should count for something (if not alot).

Liam Fox tells the Daily Telegraph that a Conservative government would support a war with Iran. While not wanting for one second to support the Iranian regime it has to be said that some of the logic Fox uses is mind-bending:

“We know that Iran, more than any other country, is willing to export instability and terror as part of its foreign policy.

More willing than Saudi Arabia? It’s financial support for those that support its puritanical version of Islam is well known. Fox’s check-list of conditions including that ‘Russia be on-board’ is furthermore unlikely to ever be satisfied. This would be the same Russia that has said that Iran has ‘legitimate security concerns’.

Military action of any kind against Iran would cement a schism  in world politics between the US and UK and pretty much the rest who would de facto look to Russia and China for leadership and possibly military protection. Of course, such an occurence would be potentially disastrous and far-reaching in its consequences but none of this seems to trouble Fox. Proof-positive that the myopia which blights Conservative economic policy is not just confined to that area.

Strikes on Iran may well also damage relations with Pakistan which values its ties with Iran ‘highly’. Obviously this would further endanger British troops in Afghanistan amoung other things.  Of course, it should be taken as a given that Iran developing nuclear weapons is a bad thing but the current climate makes any countries possession of nuclear weapons a threat; the answer is disarmament not the enforcement of a failed and hypocritical ‘non-proliferation’.


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3 responses to “Conservative hawks circle over Iran…..”

  1. Thomas Byrne says :

    Liam Fox isn’t advocating military action without first negotiating, all diplomacy is ultimately backed by the threat of the use of force.


  2. Thomas Byrne says :

    Although you did manage to use the ‘WAT ABOUT SAUDI ARABIA’ thing which is a bit of a meme, nice going.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Oh come on. Blair wanted to ‘negoiate’ with Iraq and we all know how that ended-up; the fact is that in arguing Iran is a ‘special case’ Fox is already doing the ground work in laying the foundations of a case for a strike. Its quite clear that is the end game.

    Well, what about Saudi Arabia?


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