The Brown and Morgan show….

Mike Smithson wades into the controversy surrounding the Gordon Brown interview with Piers Morgan. It seems to me that this is exercising Conservatives especially greatly who seem to rather oddly feel that this is a ‘party political broadcast’ and therefore ‘outrageous’ this close to an election.

I can’t help but feel they are concerned by Brown’s display of genuine emotion regarding the death of his daughter and they somehow feel this improper. What I dont like about this is that they give Brown no space what so ever to be a human being and express genuine feeling whereas, of course, were it to be David Cameron in the spotlight; no doubt equally as genuinely distressed about his own loss this would be entirely proper. One wonders what hypocritical Conservatives have to say about this report from just yesterday about a Cameron interview broadcast *last night*:

David Cameron let his guard down and opened up about what a hard year 2009 was for him, during an emotional exclusive interview with STV, which will be featured in full on tonight’s episode of The Hour.

Speaking to Stephen Jardine and Michelle McManus, the leader of the Conservative Party spoke about how the death of his six-year-old son Ivan, who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, shook him to the core.

Were Labour Party supporters to attack this as ‘electioneering’ we all know what the response would be. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Brown has suffered seemingly almost endless personal vilification from the print media and the Conservative blogsphere. We all know that the likes of Guido Fawkes run totally deplorable attacks on Brown’s character; calling him ‘bonkers’.  Meanwhile, Iain Dale made great hay with the Peter Watt story.

You would have to be tremendously naive to not think that the Conservative media machine was not involved at this at some level. So, in that climate is Brown not allowed to defend himself? I think yes but Smithson turns up his nose at the suggestion, complaining;

For his motivation can be portrayed in a very negative manner and it does appear to be a bit of a gimmick.

In being so equivocal Smithson comes down on the wrong side of the debate and alibis the desperate attacks of the Conservative Party on Brown. Will the show improve Brown’s ratings and Labour’s overall? I certainly hope so because if the opposition is going to behave like this they deserve to plummet on those grounds alone.


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2 responses to “The Brown and Morgan show….”

  1. Iain Dale says :

    I can assure you that the “Conservative machine” was not involved with the book at all. They learnt about it when everybody else did.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for the reply. However, I was making a more general point; to pretend they have not been fanning the flames of the press attacks on Brown behind the scenes would be naive. As I have said it shows how desperate the party is getting; its losing its lead and it knows it…..


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