Adonis remarks a betrayal…….

Lord Adonis has waded-in to the dispute between Unite and British Airways:

“It’s totally unjustified, this strike, on the merits ofthe issues at stake, and I do call on the union to engage constructively with the company.”

We need to have a good, long hard think about the rhetoric the leadership employs when it comes to industrial disputes. Above is an illustration of how hopelessly one-sided it has become. Desperate to avoid allegations of being beholden to the unions we have swung ridiculously to the other extreme; refusing even to basically try and represent their interests. Where was Adonis when BA disgracefully squashed Unite’s democratic efforts to strike through the courts? 

This is not impartiality and it is certainly not ‘justified’ in any way; in reality, it displays a basic timidity and political cowardice in the face of right-wing fear mongering over the Labour-union link. An offer to end the dispute was on the table which Unite was willing to put to its members; an offer BA withdrew. Where was Adonis when this was going on? 

It seems to me that the withdrawal of the offer clearly signals this as a union-busting exercise with the management not actually being that interested in negotiation and resolution. If they were then why withdraw the offer and not even let the Unite members have a say? Maybe the answer lies in reports that

No doubt BA’s management will be emboldened by the remarks of Adonis and a settlement will be harder to achieve. This lack of judgement by Adonis is an unacceptable betrayal of what the Labour Party should be about; rather than being above the fray he is actively siding with management.


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