Liam Fox; wrong about the past, present and future….

It never ceases to amaze me the audacity of a Conservative Party that claims it represents a ‘Vote for Change’ then in every fibre of its being harks back to an imagined past that’s glories only exist in the fevered corners of its collective mind. Take Liam Fox in the Daily Express:

“Rather than to apologize for everything in our history, we should take a bit of pride in our own history and our own conventions and our own convictions and start to look at the positive aspects which give us clout in the world and which give us respect and utilise them properly.”

What gave Britain its position was not some abstract respect for its ‘conviction’ and ‘values’ but its military might; those values were imposed, not argued for and won. Fox shows the true opportunistic character of those values he treasures when he talks about forging closer links with ‘Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia’.

Notice how a theocratic dictatorship is slid in casually next to democracies as if they are completely the same thing. This is the kind of country where somebody blogs to complain about the red tape in medical care and they find themselves facing prosecution and a potential year in jail or 500,000 riyals ($133,300) fine.

Human Rights Watch reports on the story of a woman who was sentenced to 300 lashes and imprisoned for:

“spurious complaints” against government officials and for “appearing … without a male guardian” in court.

Her complaints were directed at a local judge who Sawsan Salim tried to enlist to help her in her efforts to get her husband released from jail. Cases like this illustrate Saudi Arabia’s complete disregard for basic human rights and what is more its puritanical Islam makes it the spiritual parent (and in some case literal financial supporter) of the terrorism that the Conservatives would no doubt continue to prosecute the pointless ‘war’ against.

Fox is wrong about Britain’s past, present and future; as are his party, nothing is safe in the Conservatives hands; least of all Britain’s defence.


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One response to “Liam Fox; wrong about the past, present and future….”

  1. christopher whicker says :

    they should tell the truth BEFORE the election. take us out of europe with a referendum, and remove the criminal[sorry human] rights act. fit only for the tip.. the conservatives are scared [we cant pull out they wont let us.]
    are we not an independent country, or have they all been lieing to us all along, the conservatives should give us a vote, if we vote to stay in [so be it] but if we vote [to come out] then removes us,what are they scared abt, what can the euro parlement do abt it,,INVADE THE UK.]
    CRAP give us what you promised , otherwise you are the same as labour, [anit british] thank you.


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