Brown and Adonis risk the Labour recovery…..

I havent actually seen David Cameron’s performance at PMQ’s but I have heard that he called on Gordon Brown to support BA staff who break the upcoming three-day BA strike.  The Independent reports that staff are pledging to return to work. Hardly surprising given the lashing they have received from people who should be offering if not support; then something approaching a balanced judgement. Both Brown and Adonis have failed to see what Cameron has; that the fortunes of this strike are tied intrinsically to the electoral fortunes of Labour at the next poll. Up to this point all the talk was of the Conservatives crumbling confidence however, now supplied with weak leadership it’s our confidence on the rack and predictably, as the mood music changes, the Conservatives lead is edging-up again.

So far the shift is subtle; but don’t imagine for one second it’s not there, the recovery is stalled. Brown and Adonis and the entire Labour leadership have failed to realise something else; as the The Guardian puts it, the BA management is no longer wanting a deal when the prize is:

the decimation of Unite as a serious force in BA.

With Unite put in its place, BA will be able to instruct its cabin crew to do exactly as its wants.

Why, then they are firing all their guns at Unite is beyond me; this is especially true given the fact that it was *BA* who withdrew their offer at the last-minute. Clearly the Labour leadership is bordering on the naive if it thinks that the remarks of Brown will satisfy Cameron; as we have seen they have only emboldened him to push harder and for more. The Guardian article rightly says this is a pivotal strike which has moved well beyond an industrial dispute and has come to mean alot more:

This should sound familiar if you cast your mind back over the many classic industrial disputes since 1979 – the miners, the printers, the Liverpool dockers, the firefighters and so on.

The employers, state or private, were backed politically by the governments of the day so that the workers and their unions became bête noires and the forces of the police and judiciary were ranged against them.

And we all know how well Labour fared following these large-scale defeats. Politically, Brown and Adonis are playing with fire and if they do not change tack they are signing the death warrant of Labour in government.


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