Grayling exposes hypocrisy on gay rights…..

Chris Grayling’s now infamous comments supporting the exclusion of gay couples from Bed & Breakfasts come hot on the heels of the David Cameron video where he looked distinctly uncomfortable defending gay rights. A couple of things need to be said about Grayling; his views are consistent with his view that the right to defence of property extends to the right to inflict permanent brain damage on an intruder. For Grayling, the home still truly is the castle. Secondly, his following statement is laughable; Grayling tells us:

“Any suggestion that I am against gay rights is wholly wrong – it is a matter of record that I voted for civil partnerships. I also voted in favour of the legislation that prohibited bed and breakfast owners from discriminating against gay people. However, this is a difficult area and on Wednesday I made comments which reflected my view that we must be sensitive to the genuinely held principles of faith groups in this country. But the law is now clear on this issue, I am happy with it and would not wish to see it changed.”

His vote obviously contradicts what he says in the taped remarks which tells us one thing; not that Grayling is in favour of gay rights but actually he was told to vote that way and that is why he did so. Either he was lying in what he said or he was lying when he voted; it’s as simple as that. Secondly, if it was a member of another faith being bigoted, say, for example, a Muslim I would bet a dollar to a dime that Grayling’s attitude would not be the same. Iain Dale has stood-up and said Grayling is wrong and credit to him for that however, the truth is that Conservative Party policy and the ingrained bigotry of their leadership is an immoveable object. Cameron talks about marriage tax breaks including civil partnerships but still says they are *marriage* tax breaks defending the institution of marriage with all its religious implications not as a ‘catch-all’, inclusive and cuddly institution. It is also perfectly clear that Cameron’s views on gay rights are not borne of any heartfelt conviction; if you don’t believe me watch the video where, lacking a proper briefing, he falters embarrassingly. Put simply, this is another issue that the Conservative’s can’t be trusted on.


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