The weakness of David Cameron….

When trade unionists take action to defend their pay, conditions and jobs David Cameron has plenty to say. He even went as far as to goad Gordon Brown at Prime Ministers Questions and say that the threatened few strikes in the pipeline were due to unions scenting Brown’s ‘weakness’. Now, following the Chris Grayling affair Cameron’s silence is deafening so we have a Shadow Home Secretary who makes clearly discriminatory remarks against gay people and meanwhile the air is thick with intrigue as Conservative sources brief against Grayling:

one shadow minister said today: “There’s an attempt [by Labour] to suggest Grayling’s comments reveal party-wide homophobia, whereas the real reason this is running is that Chris Grayling is just not up to the job.”

Given that the Grayling tape was leaked to The Observer this raises some serious questions about whether, on the eve of an election, there is somebody in the hierarchy of the Conservative Party trying to oust Grayling; somebody who cares more about a personal vendetta than their own party. Obviously, if this is the case a return to Conservative government carries with it the prospect of a return to ‘Tory Wars’ too. Meanwhile, Tim Montgomerie exposes the logic behind Cameron’s silence:

 CCHQ only has to wait 24 hours and it’s ‘Declaration Day’. The country won’t be talking about Mr Grayling and B&Bs on the day that Brown finally, finally goes to the country.

In other words, Cameron is simply hoping the story will go away and be forgotten; however, it is my humble submission that Labour in it’s party and the members should not allow this to be the case. Cameron’s silence and the silence of the leading circles of the Conservative Party have turned this story from being one about bigotry and prejudice into a wider one about a weak leader, who is a prisoner of his parties inability to change and their patent unfitness to govern.


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