Clegg is a failure and he is about to make us all pay the price….

This is an election all about failure; we failed to make the case adequately that we deserved a fourth term, the Conservative’s failed to convince the electorate that they were a good enough replacement and finally, most catastrophically, Nick Clegg failed to make the breakthrough necessary to ensure the Liberal Democrat’s realised his dream of becoming the ‘torch bearing’, progressive party. Also tonight all those who day-dreamed like Compass that a hung parliament would bring a new progressive paradigm find their dreams in tatters; cruelly exposed as wishful thinking, unwilling and unable to acknowledge the reality of the Clegg leadership and the implications of his ambition.

I have never doubted that given an even choice Mr Clegg would choose to ally himself and his Party with the Conservatives. I fully expect that Clegg will fight tooth and claw to take the Liberal Democrats into this deal, yes against the wishes of the party and probably at the price of its implosion but still following through ruthlessly the internal logic of his own stance. To those amoung the commetariat who see this like Guido Fawkes as the end of Labour I would simply say this; come to Leeds and witness the sweeping gains Labour made in todays local council elections; striking against both Conservative heartlands in Roundhay and Liberal Democrat ones in Moortown. Come to Leeds and see the future of where the Lib/Con alliance ends; in a rivitalised and invigorated Labour Party. In Leeds, the party is over for that alliance and Labour will rightly insist it is time it left the governance of this city to Labour. Maybe you think Leeds is isolated; if that is the case look at the great unreported story of today; the surge of Labour in local government. How is that for democratic mandate?

Nick Clegg’s failure in his dream to replace Labour will come full circle and find it’s ultimate ironical expression in fuelling Labour’s revival. Clegg will end the Liberal Democrat’s status as the party of electoral reform and will bury the chance of the STV option even being on a referendum ballot paper and ensure that when reform comes now it will be on Labour’s terms. Meanwhile, bloodied but unbowed Labour will find its way to a much more progressive agenda in the exile of opposition that Clegg will condemn it too. Nobody in the country will thank him as, just like in Leeds, Clegg becomes the cuddly face of Conservatives ‘slash and burn’ attacks on societies most vulnerable and the bitter enemy of fairness; slowly but surely red will replace yellow, it’s not over Nick, it’s only just begun……


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4 responses to “Clegg is a failure and he is about to make us all pay the price….”

  1. blanco says :

    How is getting 23% of the popular vote a failure, and Labour’s 29% is some kind of resounding victory, “comrade”?

    I know you must hate the Lib Dems with a visceral and unruly passion, as they spurned you: you left them because you just weren’t important enough, and you wanted them to sit up and beg you not to leave. But come on. A failure? This is the result they were expecting before the TV debates.


  2. Simon Hedges says :

    How in the name of logic does it make sense for Clegg to align himself with Cameron when the natural link is between Lib Dems and Labour?
    Is it because Clegg and Cameron are from the same elite group of public school boys?


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    It makes sense to Clegg because he sees Labour as ‘irrelevant’ and the Liberal Democrat’s as the new main progressive party. However, here I think history will prove it has a sense of irony because in doing this deal Clegg will destroy the Lib Dem’s already faint chances of being the new main progressive party…


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Ignoring the tirade I think given the hype surrounding the surge I think 23% of the vote (a 1% improvement on last time) is very much a complete failure. Labour’s share wasn’t a resounding success but neither was the result a total disaster especially when you factor in a very strong performance in the local elections….especially against ‘Libservative’ councils…..


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