Exclusive: Liberal Democrat leadership moves to squash dissent….

Much has been made of the Liberal Democrat’s much-vaunted internal democracy. According to its proponents it is this and the fabled ‘triple lock’ that will scupper Nick Clegg’s attempts to railroad the Liberal Democrat’s into some kind of deal with the Conservatives. Numerous Liberal Democrat bloggers and activists have voiced their concerns to their credit as they try to save their party from a leadership hell-bent on acquiring power at any cost. However, the leadership is moving swiftly against dissent; party president Ros Scott has emailed members saying (my emphasis):

We are a democratic party (unlike the other two old parties) and our internal processes will always reflect that. At the same time, our process will not stand in the way of the need for decisive action in the interests of the whole country. I promise to keep you informed.

Scott ends her e-mail thus:

In order for us to maximise our chances of delivering our fairness agenda we now have to keep this discipline up, avoiding speculation as to what happens next.

In other words the clear message from the Liberal Democrat leadership to its members is ‘put up and shut up’. I really can’t say I am surprised.


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4 responses to “Exclusive: Liberal Democrat leadership moves to squash dissent….”

  1. blanco says :

    a leadership hell-bent on acquiring power at any cost

    This, coming from a fucking member of the Labour Party? With Gordon Brown as your leader? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Labour are welcome to you, scum.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Charmed, i’m sure…given up on even trying to make serious points then?


  3. blanco says :

    There is a serious point. You, as a turncoat, can hardly attack the Lib Dems with allegations that their leadership is trying to do something its rank and file don’t like. You are Labour, the party of the one-candidate leadership election, of the non-existent internal democracy, you cannot attack anyone on these grounds. It would be like the BNP criticising the EDL for being racist, Darrell Goodliffe.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    errr yes I can actually; it shows the complete fallacy that the Lib Dems are some how more democratic than other parties (they aren’t) and therefore somehow morally superior from a democratic point of view. I would totally agree with alot of your crtique of Labour’s internal democracy but don’t pretend that in your own party is any better because it clearly isnt!


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