It’s time Labour’s voice was heard…..

‘Coalition TV’ has become something of a spectacle over this weekend with 24 hour news making an event of the slightest movement of the respective party leaders. However, there has been deafening silence from at least one key player to this drama and that is the Labour Party; and with the exception of a few maverick interventions the voices of both the Parliamentary and wider Labour Party. It is absolutely shameful that no attempt has been made by Gordon Brown to bring the surviving Labour MP’s to London for consultation on the current events. It shows a worrying gap between the leadership and the wider party; something that has landed this Party in the electoral mess it is currently in and shows that absolutely the top priority for renewing the Party is to renew its internal democracy.

Brown may feel himself on the sidelines as the media circus centres on the Cameron & Clegg show but more than anything that makes now the ideal time to do the necessary work of consultation because it can be done away from the full glare of the media spotlight. Neither of the other party leaders has this luxury although it’s quite clear that at least certainly in Clegg’s case he is doing his best to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly and he is not bothered by even the slightest squeal of dissent. No doubt this carefully management has extended to the silencing of Vince Cable; whose intervention would effectively destroy the prospect of a ‘Libservative’ coalition unless he was to reverse a large amount of what he is on record as saying. Vince’s intervention could be the wild card that will scupper Calamity Clegg but his gentle disposition sadly makes this outcome unlikely.

Meanwhile, the Conservative right is already sharpening it’s knives for the shoulder blades of David Cameron and it’s clear that a formal coalition will not be between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives but between a rump of both parties. Embittered by a bad campaign Conservative right-wingers are not happy; in the words of Lord Tebbit:

‘The manifesto was a policy-free zone and, surprise surprise, the public was reluctant to vote for us.

‘Now we have to grovel to the Lib Dems to get Labour out. It is a joke.’ 

It’s essential at this time that Brown does not forget that his party deserves a voice; Labour MP’s must be recalled to London and the leading bodies of the party consulted. It’s time Labour’s voice was heard…..


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2 responses to “It’s time Labour’s voice was heard…..”

  1. roym says :

    “Brown does not forget that his party deserves a voice”
    hasnt the bugger forgotten this for the past 13 years? there isnt a cat in hells chance of a Lib-Lab pact coming to power so Lib-Con is the only show in town. What we need after that is a herculean flushing of the Augean stables where Brown is forced into the shadows and that effer mandy is run out of town completely. only then can the party get back to being decent and less autocratic.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I certainly think that reviving internal democracy is one of the top tasks of the changes Labour needs to make. Brown has gone so you have your wish there….certainly, there does need to be fundemental change of direction at the top whatever happens….totally agree….


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