Dream ticket?

Incidentally, and quickly I have noticed that a fair few people across the Labour Twitterverse trying to encourage Ed Miliband to stand. I am on record as liking the ideas of Ed Miliband very much. LabourList also carries a piece saying that John Cruddas is strongly hinting he will stand. I think together the two would represent something of a dream ticket and a potentially strong unifying force for the party – Cruddas would isolate the moderates that Ed can appeal too while in Cruddas, Miliband would have a running mate who can reach out and energise the grass-roots. Together they would be a potent force and I believe be very competent leaders of the party. So, how about it you two?


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3 responses to “Dream ticket?”

  1. mommsen says :

    Let’s hope that Labour will use the coming years for restoring the party’s values which once made Labour great.

    Nobody needs a Labour party whose only aim is either bailing out the City bankers or reducing civil liberties.

    NEW LABOUR, the party which was represented by men like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, was one of the greatest desasters in British history.

    The pain caused by New Labour’s policies will be felt by most Britons in the coming years. And have no doubt about this: it really will be painful!


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I can only echo that hope. I am sure it is what will happen. However, I do have to say in terms of pain caused it will not be the responsibility of the last government when we enter a double-dip recession but the current one we have.


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