Right Royal Hypocrites….

Dennis Skinner, the famed ‘Beast of Bolsover’, made an insightful suggestion today that austerity should start at the ‘very top’ and the ‘Royal Family should not receive an extra penny’ from the taxpayer. George Osborne, in response, told Skinner to consider his own retirement. However, Osborne exposes the bitter hypocrisy of this Coalition. How many times has Mr Cameron said austerity should be felt by all and how many times has his glove-puppet; otherwise known as Nick Clegg, said that his ‘savage’ cuts’ should be based on ‘fairness’?

If Sooty and Sweep meant their carefully crafted words then surely they would consider a reduction in the Civil List? You would think so wouldn’t you? Especially when the Civil List costs this country over £7 million and the Queen, seemingly ignorant of the dire state of the nations finances which messers Osborne and Cameron ram down our throats constantly as a fig-leaf for their ideologically driven cuts-mania, is demanding an increase in the Civil List. Truly amazing as is the zeal which the Coalition’s apologists have for defending the Monarchy.

Liberal Democrats who defend the Monarchy really need some lessons in how our state actually works; amoung other things if they were actually serious about a fully elected House of Lords they must realise this can’t happen without a radical change to whole form of the Constitutional Monarchy state. This, as well as that parties betrayal of all its principles, will ensure an elected House of Lords never happens on the ConDem watch. Anti-democratic gerrymanders like the ‘supermajority’ also result from the failure of the Coalition to tackle the reason why the Prime Minister had the power to call an election in the first place; the fact that the Crown, not the people or Parliament, dissolves our legislature.

It should be the very antithesis of the ‘liberal meritocracy’ that power and patronage is given by birth but of course, the compromise stands as testament to the bankruptcy of the idea. Constitutional reform at every corner is crippled by alligence to the Monarchy which in its power enshrines much of what these ‘radical’ reformers claim to be against. Although the path may be painful; the only path to enduring reform of this countries body-politic is through the Monarchy and any reform that fails to challenge that will not endure nor is worth the name of reform.


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