CBI attacks democracy…..

This really should surprise nobody. The Confederation of British Industry, as well as cheerleading the LibCon axemen wants to thwart any potential opposition. The CBI wants the already ridiculous anti-union laws to be tightened even further;

The CBI wants a change to balloting rules to allow strikes to go ahead only if 40 percent of the balloted workforce support it, not only a simple majority among those who actually vote.

Maybe we should change the rules so governments can only govern if they can get 40% of the electorate (not those who voted) voting for them too. Certainly if we did the current government would be on shaky ground because technically speaking it was voted for by precisely 0% of those eligible to vote, let alone those who voted. You can’t help feeling that this Coalition, loving the gerrymander as it does, might see the appeal of the CBI’s proposals.

Devoid of any intellectual grounding for its argument; the CBI resorts to emotive nonsense:

“Strikes cause misery. They prevent ordinary people going about their daily lives, whether it’s getting to work or getting the kids to school … Strikes also cost the economy dearly and undermine our efforts to help rebuild the economy.”

Logically, we should therefore ban everything that causes misery. Maybe we should ban the long hours, low wages culture of British capitalism that leads to staggeringly high levels of depression? We wait with interest to see if a CBI spokesperson will ever advocate that; however, it would be a mistake to hold our breath. Seriously though these developments ask a serious question of the Labour Party; one feature of the age of austerity is that increasing social polarisation will make the ‘shades of grey’ New Labour approach won’t wash. When push comes to shove Labour will have to pick its side; when it does it should not forget that in issues like this the side of the unions is also the side of basic democracy. The right to strike; for a withdrawal of labour is a fundamental democratic right and no amount of austerity justifies its erosion or removal.


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